Hello once again. Lots to talk about today. I feel like getting out and going somewhere different. A bit tired of the house, block and work. Trying to put together another horse box with living, on a truck i bought earlier in the year. Finally managed to get the right size box body and with a tail lift. Only prob is i had to buy the truck to. Hopefully I can move it on pretty smart. It has a mechanical prob but will not be overly expensive to fix and yes i would have just left the body on this machine ,but it is 2 wheel drive pushing 6 which means it is useless in a paddock with a bit of rain.

Back to my blog.   He Puapua. I had the opportunity to talk to our Mayor Berny Wanden . Mike it is fait complii. We will have no choice. Govt going to just take it over. My view is that he and his council could show some balls and put up a fight. One has to ask your self where is the money going to come from for the Govt to provide these services and infrastructure when Local Govt is struggling. Print more money? You should realise there is no free lunch in the real world and the cost of such a policy will be expressed in INFLATION. One should question just how a Govt can determine that what costs rate payer $ billions today, will cost considerably less decades to come once our elected officials and Maori have fixed all the issues and water is pristine just like it was when the first human set foot on the land of the long white cloud. Yea right. Heard all this before. Way back in the early 1990,s when Govt was determined to re-organize Local Govt. It will cut costs . Cheaper rates. More accountability. There was a ulterior motive and that was to remove the control of the effects sec 31 RMA away from rural NZ and place it  hands of a urban dominated council(s). No County Council would have shafted its rate payers like District and Regional councils have.. So the real reason. My view. Treaty Settlements. Jacinda, our grt leader has said .No the infrastructure and services will not be privatized under her watch. Her watch, but certainly under somebody else,s. The new provider. Maori.. You read it here in my post covering the submission process to the NPSFW. I read the real policy statement. Maoridoms policy statement , and their demands for ownership of water and infrastructure. Only way to clean up their Tonga. Water. Maori will control the Natural and Physical. The land under your house, the air that you breath. Every thing you eat. Think I am crazy. Start reading my Blog from the very first post. Remember you read it here first.

I had a hr or so with my past. Elected Member for Rangitiki. Ian McKelvie. (National). Thinks the same as me. Took along time for him to catch up to speed on all this stuff, and was one of those Mayors (Manawatu)  That allowed the Govt of the day Labour, closely followed by the Nats to strip the District Councils of their powers under sec 31 RMA. Control of the effects. Had a grt talk. He stated that Mike you have been right on the issues. National was going about devolving control of the natural physical in a slow controlled organised manner over time, that would not cause to much consternation amongst the voting public. But this crowd is going for broke and cementing the process in concrete before they get kicked out and making it impossible to reverse. Seems he spends a lot of time traveling the length and breath of the country trying to pacify disgruntled party branches. So. The process of devolving control of the natural and physical has gone to far to reverse ? and If Zimbabwe and South Africa are any thing to go by ,we all will be a lot poorer in the coming decades. One has to ask if all this is just a great big public and media charade between the Nats, and Labour. Okey your turn now.

Covid. Just how bad is it. Or is it an excuse to lock the public down destroy small business, get as many as possible dependent on big mummy for $, stopping people from mixing , sport , which is the greatest way we in NZ have to mix, play, social interaction with all comers, regardless of ethnicity. Divide us. That must be obvious. That Springbok tour way back in the 1980,s. Most people rejected separatism. between race. But here we are now. Radical Maori and their cronies in positions of power doing just that. Democracy gone. We have been a communist state for along time. But now it is obvious. And people are concerned. They are waking up. The next few years could be very challenging.

Global warming. All over the planet this last year or so we have seen wild fires and flooding doing untold damage and loss of life and misery. What have all these happenings have in common. You had to look closely in some instance. TREES. And Pine Trees seem to be the dominant tree for fires. For flooding any tree. Sediment discoloured water  full of trees. You have read here in previous posts how the process evolves. The issue is mans stupidity. Yes I agree that the climate has changed. No I do not believe human activity is to blame. We no the climate has changed a number of times over the millions of years that the sun has shone on the planet. Why we have had Ice ages, and periods when the sea level has been much higher and lower,. Carbon dioxide levels have been a lot higher ,and all this when there was no humans that can be determined existed. Got to remember that the natural physical  travels through time in cycles. Ebbing and flowing as the centuries go by. But i agree that the populated regions of the planet need to be cleaned up. Both air and water, but how the powers that be are going about it is worrisome. Heavens to be. Next it could well be. Toooo many humans living on the planet. How to manage the population down. Good god would you want the labour party in charge of that. How would they go about managing the population down. After all, this crowd is ruthless in its determination to carry out the United Nations dictation. Or have they already started. I have signed up to a number of wealth advisory services since leaving the farm. Some of them are offering advice on how to manage your portfolio whilst having regard to the world order in a over populated planet. The suggested method is ” Famine, Disease, War.” In other words. If the first to fail to deliver. The world order is gong to nuke a few billion people. Whilst I would make the observation that they seem to have got the first 2 around the wrong way, you cannot argue that starvation is the only out come when the worlds Govt,s continue to treat the producers of food as they are now.

That brings me to that odious of a machine called Oversea. Yes you have read my view on this subject here in this blog. This last week the independent committee looking into the tool has determined it is a dog. It has not been subjected to  Piereview process, seems to be only as good as the data entered and thus can be plus or minus 40% out. It was never developed to spit out measurements of out puts but instead Inputs needed to achieve optimum crop pasture performance. Yay.  Heads must roll. $ millions of tax payer funds. $ millions of Farmer  funds via the fertilizer industry Co-ops. Why i had this discussion with the then chair of Ballance whilst attempting to get elected to the board as a director. 2013.This was my election statement in the mailer. Ballance as a business is unsustainable with regard to the company’s environmental policy. His reply was it is the only tool we have. Govt puppy dog.  Govt is gutted, as are the Greens and makes it harder to regulate land use. I also see that the govt has relaxed the rules around what and when you can do anything of any consequence on your farm such as plant a crop or grass, including pugging. Good god. NO other industry would allow Govt to dictate how they should go about their business, such as our rural leaders are allowing our elected officials to interfere in our industry. This decision must then also put the spot light on using this tool to measure livestock emissions. Methane. Surely. The independent panel determined it was not capable of measuring OUT PUTS. It was never designed to do that. Where is the sudjestion that this is so, except in this blog. I would say that a clever lawyer would argue this in court. After all it has been determined that the machine is not suited for measuring OUT PUTS. And by association that must include Methane. Bring it on. Or is that a road to far for our compliant rural leaders?

I note that Regional Councils have a tool for measuring water clarity. A glass tube with disk in one end that can be moved along its length and a periscope at the other that the operator looks down into. When the water is pristine you can see along a predetermined distance. When not. Well then the locals ARE IN TROUBLE. Can this be the next regulator Tool.

Back to my favorite animal. No not my horse or dogs. But sheep. Yes here i go again. Sheep can save the planet. It produces fiber and material to keep us warm and safe. Food to keep us alive. It is a excellent carbon soak, up to 6 or more kg of carbon a year, and also a soil carbon multiplier. Dung. What a animal. My purpose to be bring you this observation. It is to show you just how dangerous the people are who are representing us in all aspects of our daily lives. .  If Jacinda was really concerned about keeping children warm and healthy she would be regulating for woolen clothes, blankets and making landlords including the Govt  forcing them to put woolen carpets on the floor. If she was really clean green and sustainable she would regulate away all this acrylic crap. So there is my observation of all the Bxxx Shxt that elected officials get away with.