Hello readers.

Well what a mission. I got an email from a hacker saying that my sight had been hacked. Exactly 30 minutes after the progress report for the election results first came out.  Yep, it certainly had. Those of you who got to read it real quick would have seen the mess made. Then the administrator would not let anybody in to reconstruct the sight.

I went to the administrator here in NZ to ask what the hell is going on. I also contacted the local police sending the email. Hacked. The administrator here in NZ, I thought I was with was real helpful. Sorry Mr Plowman but your sight has been transferred. “Where to and on who’s authority?” I asked. To the UK, Gloschestershire to be precise and one Web Host Servers Ltd.

So off I go to this sight, smelling a rat all the way, and sent an email. I also cc’ed the local policeman. I asked “Who are you, how did I get transferred, on who’s authority, and why have you hacked my sight? ” I got a very nice reply from a Ms Mills saying I do not know, but we are cheaper, suggesting I change my pass words etc, all will be honky dory. Well my sight was tidied up, I presume by the adminstrator, including the post which dissappeared all together. ‘Bumped’. Since I had just renewed my annual fee to Word Press, I thought, I decided to stay on and not demand to be transferred back. Confused? So am I.

Well back to what is important. Yes I got “Bumped” at the elections. The better man won. Seems the District want to cuddle up to Horizons and be all matey matey. Lets be friends and work through this together. Great. Good luck. For they are going to need it. Horizons took a huge kick in the guts in the High Court. Paragraphs 20-23 deal with the actions of the Council Advisory group. [2013] NZHC 2492. Whilst report 13-124 Regional Council 27th June, details the resource consent process for the Enviro-Court Decision. Horizons had already second guessed the High Court Decision, allowing the Taurarua Economic development Group to gain the upper hand. Thus $25 million later, and that figure is from a staff member, public meeting, and no good me going any further as there will be no digital recorded evidence, you can bet on that. Horizons have shagged their precious Land use Classes and the associated Nitrogen leaching allowances themselves, by acting in an unethical and unlawful manner. Justice Ko’s states, Horizons must be open and transparent with regards to their activities in the Enviro-Court, but that is a matter for another review.

Great. But do not doubt the determination of those people responsible. McCartney, Gordon ,Guy, White and Sheldon and their political masters in the Ministries of Justice, Conservation, Office of Treaty Settlements and the Environment. They will be working away on other methods to achieve the outcome desired. Water takes and Water quality standards and Bio-diversity rules  that are so restrictive are 3 that spring to mind. What about the National Policy Statement on Fresh Water and the associated Fresh Water Forums work. Forget it. Horizons are masters at manipulating consultation and prehearings including the resource consent hearings process.

My man John sent me a Google Chrome News article press release from Agri-research scientist John Diamond. This was also printed in the Farmers Weekly January 2013. Titled Grassland ripe to be restored. 1 million hectares of pasture better in bio-diversity for carbon sinks. Most of it across the central part of NZ. Horizons Region. Currently NZ bio-d estate covers 33% of NZ land mass. This would take it to 47%. 2 years ago Nick Smith made the same assertions in the Rural News I believe. I saved the mag but now cannot find it. Great you may say. Carbon is worth less than $3.50 a tonne at the moment being down to a low of $2.40 a few months ago. Apart from Manuka scrub, Maoridom are the only people able to claim credits on Indigenous veg, and of course manuka is only the first stage in the reversion to indigenous veg. What happens to the liability for the manuka when 50 yrs down the track it gets pushed under?

I should have said earlier that I thank my wife Sharron. She was a tower of support and nothing was too much trouble. She was quite funny to watch when I told her I was bumped. She was over the moon, she hated me being away and the pressure the job placed on us and our bussiness. The role cost us alot of money in terms of the productive capacity of our bussiness. Then she thought about the loss of a bit of extra personal income!!

I intend to keep the blogg going detailing my activites monthly. I have too much knowledge about the corrupt nature of Regional and Local Govts to simply dissappear.

Bye for now