Good morning readers. It is raining, so have decided to get this out of the way. Times are getting really horribly interesting. At the prompting of a chap I have a bit to do with I read the full draft of the over arching catchment management document associated with the treaty settlement for the Whanganui River. It seems that our District councils have given this doc the big tick. . My interpretation of the full text is of real concern. Yes I should not be surprised, as I sat through at least one Hui in which the speaker demanded the return of lost lands from the mountains to the sea and every thing in between. . Yep you guessed it. Government is going to give it to them.

Water. Control of water. All there. I have only read the doc once, and will be reading it again, just to make sure I have not miss interpreted the intent. But my understanding is that a committee of nine, all appointed will be making decisions on resource use via the resource consent process for all land use. Of course they will be subject to the Acts of Parliament governing Local Govt  and  resource use including the RMA. Another form of local govt. And will require the District and I presume Regional Council devolving the appropriate functions too, to enable the body to carry out the intent of the settlement. Ruruku Whakatupua Te Mana O Te Awa Tupua.

The settlement also leaves the door open for Govt to allow the ownership of water to be transferred to Maori. Of course as a consequence then. Nationally. 

My man said. Mike all I see in the future, is a society of very very rich, and very very poor. No body in between.

Yep. I had a discussion last week with a dairy cocky I know, about the Environmental Defence Society’s appeal to the One Plan. The Nitrogen leaching limits. Mike he said we are pissed off. We have a great relationship with the Regional Council regulatory chap, Nic Peete.  WE are making big environmental gains with out affecting the $ bottom line and feel really good about it. Great I said. The plan is unlawful. Everything about it is unlawful. Even the Decisions Version was abused in a unlawful manner. NO GOOD will come of this. And when I read the treaty settlement document Te Awa Tupua, I get a chill down my spine. I am so concerned that I have put the farm on the market. Yep I am out of here. Not of course that I can say for sure, I and my contacts interpretation could be completely wrong. But !!!!. Uncertainty. Coupled with the world economy .I am in no position to sustain overly restrictive rules and regulation giving effect to Maoridoms cultural concerns, achieving the outcomes sought in the claims to Waitangi Tribunal Hearings. And, in the face of falling commodity prices in the international market.

Those of you who have been long term readers of the blog will recognise what I have written. Is this the conclusion of the intent of Government of all persuasions that have governed our country since 1975? The advent of the Resource Management Act. The reform of local Govt. MMP. The treaty Settlement process. All have destroyed property rights, and democracy. The environment is the vehicle being used to bring about political out comes sought. The control of the Natural and Physical by Maori, aided by European political and environmental supporters. We most certainly will create a society of resentment. Of intolerance. Instability.

No. I will not be voting in next years General Election. Who to vote for? Winston is on the money. NZ First. Conditions set by overseas lenders, and now in the fine print of the Transpacific Partnership Agreement? I do not no. Only listening to those supposedly in the no. My observation of Winston is that he is a show pony, all blow and no go. But I think he is going to make gains into Nationals traditional electorates next year.

Something to think about? Bye for now.