Well Well. I wrote a little while back about traveling to Dannevirke to listen to Billy T Kahika. NZ Public Party. My wife and I were just interested in what he was supposed to be saying ,given that My blog is full of it. Now now. It is all very very real. I was interested in the man for obvious reasons, as was my wife. here was a man saying what I already new. I still found it quite a shock to realise that it was for real, upon hearing it from another. Espeacially at a public rally. He may have done himself no favours linking to Jami Lee Ross, but i ask you to look past that and focus on what he is saying. The big item i recollect was that, come the 2nd week in August the govt will announce a fresh outbreak of Covid, lock the country down and conduct the up coming general election using on line voting. This Govt will then manipulate the vote to give themselves, Labour, a crushing victory. That majority will be used to introduce tax reform, plus other, which will penalise the wealthy, yes a wealth tax of 60% of the value of their assests upon death. Think about this. have YOU got a Family Trust. Our solictor recently sent a letter requesting a urgent meeting to discuss govt changes to legislation affecting Trusts. Still have to have that meeting but it is all falling together. The desired outcome is to close the wealth gap.

I have asked the question in this blog. Who counted the votes in the MMP refferedum? Before the refferendum every body i knew wanted it gone.My wife and myself were polling booth officers, we could easily have counted them, but instead were instructed to place them unopened in the appropriate box and send them off with the rest. Just think about what i write about in this blog. Thus

I reckon it is appropriate to re-read my last 3 blogs. Plus “What A Sad Little Man I Am. And including. Decending into Anarchy?”

I have detailed in this blog the unethical behaviour of elected officals and including the abuse of law, property rights and the Magnacarter. Then there are the people, elected officals, espeacially central Govt, are using to achieve the desired outcomes.

These people are found in every decision making body both public and private, through out the NZ economy. Where did they come from? I have refferred to them as the Mc Gillicuddy Party reps. They are very very dangerous people, but the problem is that they present themselves as really nice people.

The upshot of it all is. To-night Jacinda and her team WILL? announce a lock down of one sort or another leading to Billys prediction. Jacinda and her team do not care just so long as they destroy the economy and have to TAX the hell out of people seemingly to pay back the cost of the COVID out break. But really to give them the excuse to tax the weathly to achieve the social out comes they want.

Last election it was farmers that were abused. This election it will be all of those people with abit of money and assets. Only they do not realise it yet.

In the first post i reffer to, i mention the Steeles. Yes Carbon farmers, Manuka Honey farmers/advocates, Tourist operaters, and my view. Con men. Whilist Carbon is screaming away, Manuka Honey has hit the wall. Comvitas shares dropped from $12 to $2 in recent times, and Covid has put paid to the Tourist bussiness. I am thinking that when the big bang financially hits world wide, Carbon will follow.

Drop a cube of ice in a glass of water. Mark the level and leave the ice to melt. Now i am not saying that the climate is not changing, but every thing moves in cycles. Every Thing. Man made climate change just does not cut the mustard with me. Where will that leave us?