Hello again readers. It is a horrible wet day out there so decided to get this out of the way. I tipped out 12mls of rain last evening that came down in the 45 mins or so from 4.45-5.30pm period. Looks to me like a return to those wet periods we used to get back in the late 1970’s and well into the 80’s. We started making silage because we could not get dry hay.

This last month has been really busy and looking back on my time in Horizons I wonder how I managed it all.

My friend and I (John) have been busy on council bussiness. We are still right amongest it and spoke at the Ruapehu District Council this week. I must say that from the councillors ,we recieved positive feed back. Not so sure about the Mayor, but it is my view that council finally is getting some back bone. I have tried to get speaking rights to the Wanganui District Council but alas to no avail. Good news for John and I is that we have a Wanganui District Councillor directly affected by a couple of rare and threatend plants. I expect Horizons  and thier mates in the Feds will soon come out stating that we are talking hogwash, but I ask you to go Horizons webb site dail up the Hearing Panels Decisions  of the Bio-diversity provisions for Indigenous and look for my dissenting decision. It should be there and read it. There is no science behind representativeness. It will be up to the assessor on the day. We have Schedule E detailing the sites of Significant habitats ,it is all compositions found and it is my view Horizons wants them all that are over 1 hec. The Policy Statement, the Plan and the Rules in the Decisions version of the One Plan support that. What is worse is that these habitats can include exotic species.

Prior to that we visited our local MP Mr Mc Kelvie. Again I must say we got really good feeling with him suddenly coming to grips with our argument. He recognised that he to was a affected party, seems his family has a number of swamps. I lobbied for big changes to the proposed NPS Bio-diversity. I feel that finally we are getting somewhere. But I have been here many times only to have Horizons slip away. We also talked to McKelvie about our Advisory Group work that featured in the High Court Decision paragraph 20-23 that was released in August. Hopefully Govt will tackle our arguments. The Office of the Auditor general replyed to my compaint with very weak arguements ,which basically boiled down to the fact that they are some how sympathetic to the Advisory Group members. We pointed out to the Minister that this would be construed to be seen that these guys are merely doing Govts will. Mr Mc Kelvie assured John and I that Prime Minister, Mr Key’s is very concerned about the One Plan. So I have asked for a appointment to see him. Here is hopeing. I must say that Mr McKelvie was very supportive and encouraging. We came away feeling pretty good . Talking about feeling good. Well here we have our Regional Council Chairperson Mr Gordon quoted in the Straight Furrow Nov 19th 2013 pg 3. One Plan will not have adverse economic effect. Yet in a radio interview dated 27th June on Radio NZ at 10.42am merely seconds after council approved report 13-124 nutrient mangement consents for land use dairy, he contradicts the implementation process that council approved. He states “to give them a chance to meet the requirements of the One Plan over time”. There is more. That is Radio NZ: News: Rural. So I keep on being vindicated. Subjectivity abounds. These guys no no bounds. Such is the unethical behaviour of these pepole any body trusting them is in la la land or agrees with the unlawful outcomes sought. For by using the above is the only way these outcomes can be achieved.  I do not know Why Federated Farmers and Hort NZ have not gone on to the review that Justice Ko’s pointed them too. Such a review would put the Land Capability Class’s into the history books. But alas can it be that these organisatons want them .I see in the notice of meeting for Ruapehu Feds in the chairs comments on the High Court out come that they LOST. What a load of nonsence.  They won alright. So why arn’t they going on and dealing the death blow.?


I went on a horse trek with the local Hunt Club month ago around Kawhia. Quite shocked to see the same nonsence going on there. What is more I know the Deputy Mayor and her husband. Both are scathing of the Waikato Regional Council and Govt. They stated that the Local National Party Chair and Secretary both resigned from the Party. Them.

Well I think that Horizons have direct access to MP’s advisors. Must have. Admittedly Minister McKelvie should have had a good grip on the One Plan ,given that he was Mayor of Manawatu through that period. But alas he did not have a clue.

Now that dust has settled on the elections and the media role that they played I wish to comment on my stoush with the CEO McCartney. at the last Regional Council meeting of the Tri-ennium in October. This will give credibility to what I am saying.

What led to me being asked to present the evidence relating to my assertions re the NPSFW was that I asked the CEO with regard to the June Regional Council Meeting and to do with report 13-124, just how were council not complient with the NPSFW  He replyed obviously, that he said no such thing .

Yet the High Court Decision  released mid August in para 95 finds that Horizons are not complient with the NPSFW. I say Mr McCartney new ,yet chose to convinently say he did not. If he did not then he most surely should have. And if he knew why did he not say so to councillors.

earlier. I say he did. And what is more the media new. So now I can say I must have been very important to these guys to go such lengths to get rid of me. So look out people.

On much the same matter I found this horrible article in the January 8th Farmers Weekly 2013. Page ? by John Dymond Landcare scientist. Grassland ripe to be restored. He is saying 2 million hec NZ better off in indigenous forest. Biodiversity benefit outwayed its lost food production. Cardon sequestation outwayed stock-carrying capacity. Whats more he has defined the areas most suitable. 1.2 million hec is in the central Nth Is. This fits with a press release by Nick Smith 2 yrs ago and that I reported on at that time. I believe he was Minister for the Environment at the time. 900,000 hec central Nth Is unsuitable for farming.

I am no nutter people, but the people driving this are. I repeat get out of debit. If you cannot, consider what other options you have.

I am having real trouble getting my face and farm view reinstated. Seems  these peole hope I will not be  taken so seriously if nobody can see my face. Well they can always hope. By the way 2500 people read my blog site through Sept. I was on target to communicate with 2700 in Oct based on weekly views of my sight. Way back at the start in the first month or 2 I only had 4. It will be interesting to see how the sight progress’s now that I am no longer a councillor.

Regards Mike