Hi Ladies and Gentlemen.

This week was pretty full on.I had a Sustainable Land Use Workshop in Palmerston North on Wednesday. I am not able to comment on workshops. But What I will say is that it would appear that supporters of this project are trying to get it cemented in place ahead of the new Council.

Got my flyers out this week, or should I say delivered to the Rural Delivery contractors and the lady who delivers flyers and papers around Taumarunui, Manunui and Mahoe. On Saturday I took Ohakune’s down to the Children who are delivering them for me. It appears I am a few short. I had 5000 flyer’s printed, but could have used 200 or so more.

I do not know what happened last time but I had the same number printed  (5000) but only got rid of 4500.

Have had mostly positive feed back including from our current Mayor Sue Morris. Very nice phone call, thanks Sue. Only bad vibes were straight up, but since then I have been pleasantly surprised. Last night, Saturday, I had a lady from Taihape put a trick question to me, she called it an open question, and fortunately I answered it correctly! Seems she does not like wind power. I appreciated the fact that she took the time to call.

Had to move my hoarding abit on a property in Ohakune, but found the person requesting it be moved slightly, quite entertaining.

Those of you who read last weeks post will remember my comments about the Ruapehu Press re my invited column. Well blow me down seems somebody read my comments from the paper, and I got my original column printed almost word for word. The Ruapehu Bulletin did a bit better. All good.

Looking forward to this week, have Strategy and Policy on Tuesday and Environment Committee on Wednesday. I have two speaking engagements, during the week, so will report on them next week. I am not organising  any public meetings, as during the last election campaign apart from Whangamomona and Ohura, nobody turned up. If I am talking to somebody and they are dicussing the elections and or topics related I suggest they organise a meeting. But to date there has been  no interest.

Thats it  for now. Have a productive week.