Yes I I still think the title appropriate . Time for you to read my post ,Dec 2021. “Slipping into anarchy” AGAIN. Well what a time NZ has had weather wise. That volcano that contributed so much to the horrendous weather events has received no media or political comment at all.(except in Australia) There has been no political commentary on Cameron Baigri  comments re the state of the country’s balance sheet to date.( re last months post) Could it be that the opposition party leaders and top brass have not a clue as what the problem is , or are they so politically and emotionaly motivated as to be blinded by the realty of monetary requirements. Why my wife even commented a while ago, that  David Seymore was talking the UN double speak. Lets face it there is a bit of talk on TV about tourists coming back, but face reality. Every time you and i travel around our country, stay in a hotel, motel, resort ,what ever , ride or use one of the many business’ ventures assets, you are classified as a tourist. The more we travel in NZ the grter the tourist number. Thus the grter the argument for promotional spending.

Agriculture on the other hand is the NO1 contributor to every NZer,s health, wealth, social and cultural needs in the material scence. Baigri just pointed out that our society is unsustainable with regards to our material demands. Yes all of it. last month the Govt told the east coast, yes ,we will rebuild, but not to the standard you have come to expect. It will b e fit for purpose. In other words, Sorry people but we do not have the $,s. This material deficiency is extending right across NZ,s society. Think our health providers. Access to essential medical services, drugs and care. All are issues discussed on the national and social media platforms. Think roading. Our highways and bye ways are not good. Particularly out side of Auckland. The added cost that Govt has been adding to such infrastructure has been  frightening. Take for example the  Taupo bye pass completed some decades ago, was the first to be bought to my attention, by a engineer who worked on the project. Latterly the Transmission Gully Highway. 16 truck and trailer unites a day or was it night travelling from Ngarawhia in the Waikato full of metal. Yet there it was sitting in the Otaki river bed only 1 hr away. What the ????. To soft, somebody said. Trout ? me thinks trout. Now if it was trout. Why is the Govt’s of the day using trout to add huge cost to such infrastructural projects Then saying they are to expensive and have to delay. Is it because Govt no’s that in 15 yrs there is going to be alot less cars on the road. Jacinda has already told us that imports of vehicles  using combustion engines for personal use will be banned from 2030. That leaves electric cars. 100,000 km and the battery is stuffed. We have all seen the pictures of electric cars lined up in paddocks in France, i believe. Only good for metal and plastic recycling. Some body said the battery is still good enough to run a solar panel on a house??? My recent Jarden report speaks of power cuts for CHCH. And it is not even winter. All these wind farms. Just how long a life span have they got?? You have already read my thoughts in this blog. I was unlucky enough to over hear a conversation between our past National Party elected member and some one in Parliament. Just giving a heads up. Todd Muller resigning in a hr or so. I said. So another rat deserting a sinking ship Nathan. Mental issues. Was the response. lets face it. It must be mentally bending sitting there having to toe the party line while the economy and democracy go down the gurgler. So what is going to replace our agricultural income. The Tech industry was the response. I nearly choked. Some years ago my wife and I had a similar discussion with Nathan . Then it was Pine Trees and electric cars. But lets face it .Nathans made alot of money and still is nodding his head.

. I have been told by a person in the no ,that Govt,s of NZ want our no1 export industry reduced to a local trade business’. Thus all these environmental regulations, organic and regenerative initiative’s being pushed by our industry leaders and especially the Govt. THAT means bad news for our urban cousins. It certainly has me really concerned. Govt is determined to cut our dwindling export $ returns whilst reducing imports of material’s deemed non essential, in order to use us and our country to save the planet. . Of course it will not hit home to that last drop kick, until the next commodity down turn in 28-30 years time.  Or is something far worse coming to the balance? The UN has determined ,and this is my interpretation. That the Planet is over populated by 48%. Caused by modern Agricultural practices.

Either stand up and demand. Or prepare. How are you going to do that.????

Recently I became aware of the term ESG. Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance. Seen this before. Even covers indigenous peoples rights. Yes you have read all about environmental, social, cultural and economic in this blog. I thought it was just a commo plot specific to NZ. How wrong i am. No all this is driven out of America. 3 Men have been named on the internet. But they have access to huge amounts of $ from banking to very wealthy family’s across the globe. Even seeing political leaders from various countries  going to special courses,  run by these extremely wealthy individuals, showing the way to a better environment, and how to manipulate (social) the population under the guises of protecting the environment. Corporate governance is just a term used for pressuring company’s governance structures to accept environmental initiatives for the be benefit of the  environment . Those company’s that drag the chain mysteriously suffer at the hands of investor sentiments. My view. Somebody short sells the company stock. Those company’s that cannot comply for sometimes very good reasons, eg Big Oil, are more likely to suffer from underinvestment from outside investors, tighter regulatory requirements, and or the consumer, market place. My god could this be what happened to the wool industry. Is this what is happening to our dairy industry. Our sheep/beef meats? I have heard the term .”Natural Capital” during my time in Horizons. It is all here. Is this the reason for denigrating the use of Phosphate and Sulphur products, given that they are natural products. You have heard me talk of out comes sought before. Indeed this is a one world Government model, except it is run via a corporate governance model, and those govts captured by this are seen as company’s, and in our case, our ministerial representatives are really directors of company NZ. Why our company is even being rebranded. Aotearoa. Thus the question must be asked. What will happen if NZ elects a governance structure that gives the one world model the fingers. Recently the Rabo Bank national manager said that NZ,s needs to increase its exports of primary products to a world hungry for food. Not adopt policies that reduce such exports. Given Cameron Baigri,s comments 2 months or so ago, it would seem to be common sense. But we live in a country where indigenous right are to the fore front, and not only are our company directors remiss, but the management structures under them. A huge task/ask. But somebody is going to have to do it.

Seeing a new Rural political party getting established. National has responded with promises to Rural NZ. For every new regulation, they will get rid of 2. This is from the party leader who not so long ago sent the Hawkes Bay director to the naughty girls corner with a book to read on climate change. Remember. She said the damage caused by wild weather was not climate change. “BUT” pine trees.

I,m not the only one awake. It has taken most people along time. But the big issue is that so many are far to busy just keeping food on the table, and keeping the bank at bay. My view is this is has been a deliberate policy by our directors.