There you go. Lazy alright. No Foot before the mouth. Got really carried away did I not. Oh well back to earth and my calculator. As I described last months post, re Sheep saving the planet.  Few seconds and I had the answer to last months thoughts. 2019. NZ,s total carbon emissions approximately 80 million tons. Sheep woolen  industry soaked up 180,000,000 kgs of carbon from the atmosphere via grass ,not tonnes. Well since then the young fellow out to save the wool industry as described in last weeks Farmers Weekly stated the industry produced 220,000 tonnes. Well short of the total 80,million tonnes emitted by NZ .  Thus certainly would not save NZ yet alone the planet. I will leave that argument there. In 1982 there were 72,000,000 sheep. Sheer madness destroying the wool industry, and now Govt incentivizing the planting of sheep and beef country in Pine Trees. But I will say that if the govt is really honorable about saving the planet they would be incentivizing the sheep/wool industry, Not off Setting emissions. Or achieving the goals of He Puapua. My thoughts are. This is toooooo far gone to stop. But the historical loss of overseas income and not only wool, but meat and by products is horrendous. Our populations standard of living, underfunded social services and infrastructure severely constrained. Absolutely horrendous. And far to rich for the National Party to be jumping on the band wagon. You should never trust that party again.

Judith Collins was in the media eye on the 17th of May as reported by the Waikato Times. This Govt going to sell water and water assets to in the South Is to Ngi Tahu. A spokesman for , deniegh,s  thus. Good on you Ms Collins. For that was what was written in the Maori policy statement associated with the consultative version of the PNPSFW. Te Mana o te Wai. Maori were demanding ownership of water and assets. Although now the statement merely states consultation, transfer of functions, regard and effect. I have written of Maoridoms aspirations for water over the yrs, thus I am not convinced that Ngi Tahu have not demanded ownership.

Still an nonbeliever . Read Alan Emerson’s Alternative View dated 19/04/21 pg 24 Farmers Weekly. How obvious the Labour Party’s agenda. This will have to be for your research as I am going to publish this Seems i have fallen foul of the political sensor  where ever and my machine has stopped saving.