Hi people. I should have included the above in last months post, but had published before I remembered. This past week the National Party published its review of the 2020 general election failure. Amongst the reasons was dissenters within the party. They will not tolerate trouble makers. Now that opens up the stick to include all members who disagree and stand up and forcefully say so. Because as I no, having attended 2 regional conferences, 99% of the party faithful sit there and say nothing. Now one must ask the board to define “Trouble Makers”  I reckon that it is the likes of me. Well informed members demanding accountability. So if the board wants to act in this “WE” no best and you will do as we say then get stuffed, and I think a lot of party faithful will agree with me. Bring on the next election. Lets see how the heavy hand performs.

Oh My God. I opened up my browser this morn to find a attachment from a good friend. A paper Named He Puapua. You can find a full copy on the National Party’s web sight and Google It is the flight path to Maori control of all things Natural and physical including language by 2040. Everything I have written or allured to in this blog is in this report. Happy reading.????. maybe not but that is life. I find it (report ) somewhat confusing in that it was “Sir” John Keys National Govt which in 2010 started the ball rolling, again in 2014 signed off on the next stage, and now Labour is finishing the deal . But here we have ACT/National blowing the whistle on the deal but only to its members of which there are now bugger all. (Nats) Where is the media?????. When does Labour and Maori intend on informing the mass’s of the new governance structure for what ever this country is to be called. Just what did Sir John achieve/do in such a short time,  to command a Knight Hood? Thus one must now ask just who are the trouble makers. Me or the board, John key or who ever else was behind the He Puapua programme. Judith Collins is the now leader , and the report has been released under the OIR rules. In full ,unredacted. Why now. Does Labour want out fearful of a wave of public protest or just what is the game. But what ever, I am, in my eyes, I am exonerated in my conduct at the Southern Nth Is Regional conference(s) I attended. I checked up Google and so should you if you have not already done so  There it is released, although initially seriously redacted, but on the 04/12/ 2020 it was released in full. Tilted the Break of the Waves. At that time ACT climbed into it ,Where was National? stating it was a serious departure from the idea ALL NZers are equal before the law. Now the Nat’s are full on, a bit late, better than never. 11/04/21. Possibility has to be conceded that ACT Nat’s will dismiss He Puapua as just one example of Te Puni Kokiri’s magical thinking. 04/05/21. He Puapua may yet be forgotten and consigned to history. Independent journalism takes time money and hard work.?????. 05/05/21 Daily Blog. He Puapua is a wish list of hopes and aspirations. Not? a secret blue print for a take over of a country by radicle Maori. Really. What about white environmental, religious and political radicles helping. 05/05/21. Jacinda Arden. He Puapua was not released earlier over concerns it could be misconstrued as Govt Policy. ??????????????????. You read it all here. This goes way back . As I have written. The Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. Then in 1991 the vehicle to implement was passed into legislation. The Resource Management Act. Labour is proposing a radicle over hall of this Act. Now that is going to be interesting is it not. Just read the present ONE. Plus the National Policy Statement For Fresh Water. You have read my Blog. This process of devolution is well progressed and you should recognise my posts with what is outlined in the report He Puapua. Land. Control of Water. The Natural and Physical. My wife ran up against it at the local school. The Maori studies teacher stated that by 2030 Maori will be the National language. Chinese The 2nd. You should all recognise thus with the dual language now used on TV and English now written underneath  as a sub heading on official Govt boards letters whatever. Has it gone to far to stop?. Has this made The News on TV?

You will have noted the heading. Sheep. 2 themes carbon soaks or NZer,s like sheep to the slaughter. You take it as you want, but the Govt recently dished out $3 million to the wool industry to promote wool . If the govt(s) was were really serious about saving the planet it would be or have been hard out promoting the health and safety benefits of wool from clothing to insulation including flooring. If such a stance had been taken there could well be 30 million sheep still in NZ contributing up to 6 kg each of carbon sequestration. 180 million tones of carbon sequested. Now I am abit lazy ,and should work out what NZ emits  but I am sure Sheep would save the planet. Wool is just about straight carbon.  and then there is the aforementioned and of course a vital source of FOOD. Why has the Feds, Beef and Lamb not pointed this out. It is not rocket science. Thus I must conclude that I have been right all along and the farmer reps and their organizations’  are no more than Govt of the day puppy dogs committed to the out comes sought. He Puapua.