Hi guys. The election has come and gone. What a media circus. What a political circus. Surely we the voter deserves better? Not on your Neely. Those of you who voted for MMP got what you deserved.

Pissed off. Well suck it up. Lets start in August. August the 21st. The AM show TV3 . Could fake news be effecting the outcome of the General Election. Public opinion being manipulated. Water Quality. User pays. The Jacinda effect???. Interviewed Chris Galloway. A Massy University researcher. He talked about media feeding their deceptive perception. Unbalanced Media reporting. Seeking outcomes desired. The Media influenced by desired political outcomes. We had it all. Could not have been a truer interview.

I mean to say The AM show hosts allowed us the voting public to get the inside Goss on how the media was to conduct themselves, and by and large that is exactly how it happened.

Labour all last week were insisting that the general public voted for change. Cannot argue with the first part of the statement. Where we differ is that they say out with the Nat’s and in with the commo’s. Now that is not how I read it. Seems to me that it was the trendy green left and all those activists running the  Maori Party that  took the big hit. That’s where the change took place. Sure Labour is up , it took those voters voting for change from the afore mentioned. Now I am a political sceptic and exercised my right accordingly so please do not think I am one eyed. I have seen what is really going on in NZ. Lets go back to those Acts of Parliament enacted all those years ago, I have reported on them all, you must remember, The Principles of  Treaty of Waitangi,, The Resource Management Act and one or 2 others. it is all here in past posts. Lets start where the real rot set in. It was 1993. Jim Bolger the leader of the National Party sacked his finance minister Ruth Richardson. He immediately dictated that NZ was to become the finance capital of the South Pacific, becoming the leader of the world financial markets simply because we were awake when most other markets were asleep. Crazy? Yep He wiped up interest rates to 23% virtually over night, our $ went through the roof as the oversees investor rushed to get a slice of the money. That was the real start of the rot in hill country farming. We have never recovered. Here he is tonight on TV 1 News pleading with National to form a Govt with none other than the Greens. The Man is very very dangerous. One of the educated Mc Gillicuddy party members from way back. A religious and green political extremist. Did you see the Greens election promise on TV1 News Sunday the 10th September. 1.2 billion trees planted first term of a green coalition Govt. 1.2 million hec’s. Yep I have reported on this before. Take 1.2 billion sheep or cattle equivalents out of our rural economy and I certainly know that all those trendy religious green lefty’s will soon no who pays their bills. Of course carbon you say will fill the void. I say who the hell is going to buy that much. Are we to become the rubbish bump to the world. Our own NZ market will never be big enough to absorb that amount. I have reported on a OMF news letter in September 2016. It reported on the price and the state of the Euro and US carbon markets. SICK. Carbon value NZ $8/t. Readers should revisit my posts from 04/09/2015, Looking after their mates. 08/07/2016, Dodgy science, 03/08/2016, Setting the scene, and Wow 28/04/2016. Its all there. Ahead of my time?. Elected members of the National Party on the Night and the next week all lamented the demise of the Maori Party. Only Winston said as it really is. A Party full of activists we are all better off with out. Yep National surely used them, and most Maori voters voted with their feet. Only problem is instead of jumping on Winston’s wagon they jumped into the fire with Labour. Yes. I have pointed you ,or those long term readers to my efforts to get the letters and other documents pertaining to Helen Clarks and Margret Wilsons days at the helm of the Treaty Settlement process. I last found this on the International Google site under Mike Plowman . Scroll down until you come to the Ombudsmen’s decision. Hope it is still there.

Whilst I am on this matter Geoffrey Palmer was interviewed one day last month or so TV1  I presume. He stated that there needed to be changes to the acts pertaining to the Parliamentary Services Committee, and pertaining to Official Info Requests. It is dangerous for democracy to refuse to disclose information sought. it is interesting to note that both National and Labour were against such a change?. So will we see all those Maori seats that deserted the Maori Party, desert Labour too, at the next election? Could this be the reason that Winston has done a back flip on his bottom line. The Maori seats must go. After all he has been saying all of the above and getting no traction at all. In fact nothing but ridicule from the media and ministers from other political party’s. The AM Show Wednesday morning 27th September. National Party corrupt. Cannot trust any of them (Winston). Sorry Winston you cannot trust Labour either. Where will you go?

So you get my drift. I am a climate change sceptic. Yes something is changing. I believe the seasons are moving north. The seasons are a month later. Our springs colder. Winters warmer on average. But in Taumarunui we would get on really cold frost, around Minus 10 degrees in early August. That would herald in the first days of spring. Last week Sharron and I spent a few days in Brisbane with our daughter, and son in law and their 2 children. Great place, great time, what a place to bring up children .I hand it to the Aussy’s. They love Australia, and they love themselves. Whilst there they had a “Love Aussy day”. The media are very pro Australia and certainly do not shirk from putting it to the politicians. Winston would certainly get a better go over there. The first paper I pick up, there it is on pg 10, The Nation, in the Weekend Australian, Sept 16-17th. “Weather Records Overhaul”. The reporter is taking the Bureau of Meteorology to task. Seems they have been falsifying temperature recordings as well as historical data. Mucking around with data to support global warming policy. Then 2 days later, I find in the Australian, Tuesday the 19th, pg 12. ” We’ll have It Right When The Renewables Mafia Squeals” Lets deal coal and gas back into the energy pack – we are caning the poor.  A commentary written by Nick Cater. He claims that Christiana Figueres the former UN Climate Chief and international purveyor of smugness recons Australians are condescending because they are down under and thus somewhat upside down. He was pointing the finger at Australia’s continued reliance on Coal for energy. Cater pointed out quite rightly that there is nothing more stranded than a wind turbine on a still day. That Australians are over it. Over the thawing tundra, hockey stick graphs, inconvenient truths, furry seal-munching assets stranded on floating ice,- the whole damned lot. Seems the power went down in South Australia in September last year, and there was not enough back up to keep the place alive. Coal. That Figueres wanted nothing more than to shut the whole of Australia down. That Kevin Rudd’s cabinet  should have stood up to him ,his moral vanity, wishing that Tony Abbot had the authority to knock the whole damned thing on the head, and Labor would put the National Interest first. That the cost of all this nonsense ultimately falls on the consumer, especially the poorer ones. The latest House hold Expenditure Survey shows that the poorest Australians spend 8.8% of their disposable income on house hold fuel and energy, whilst the richest just 2.4%. Bet you will not see such a debate driven by the NZ media.. Why? because everything to do with climate change and climate change policy in NZ is to do with Treaty Settlements. 1.2 billion trees. Yes same paper same page. Maurice Newman. “The Bureau Reckons Its Hot When Its Not”. The truth is out about fiddling with temperature readings. Nothing will  shock future generations more than when they look back on the global warming scare and see the  extent to which official temperature records were systematically adjusted to show the earth as having warmed much more than the actual data justified. 

Back to NZ. There it is on page 29 NZ Farmers Weekly sept 25th 2017. Ditching the RMA Unhelpful. North Canterbury Sheep and Beef Farmer, Environmental Planner, Lynda Murchison. Specializing in fresh water and environmental management. I say get rid of it. It is nothing but a tool to achieve desired out comes. Of Ms. Murchison. Once a planner all ways a planner. Never Never trust them. 

Interesting to note that I found this in the Farmers Weekly somewhere about the 11th August. Written by Annette Scott. It is headed “Farming’s Demise” and the subject is the Selwyn district in Canterbury. Farming will have to shut down in this catchment to achieve the water quality standard set for lake Ellesmere, Environment Canterbury has told the Govt. $300 million annual loss to the districts economy, drastically impacting on the economic and social fabric of the community, resulting in a reduction in employment, bankruptcies and depopulation. Horizons have arrived at the same conclusion with regards to the ONE PLAN. I cannot help wonder if all this farmer bashing ,water quality nonsense that the Labour Party and the Greens got up to, all emotive lies is a desperate attempt to get control of the Govt benches to ensure that these plans achieve the extreme environmental and political out comes desired. The left want to get us there tomorrow. National want to get there gradually over time. Both are hoping that you will not wake up to what is really going on. That is control of the Natural and Physical by extremists within Maori. After all the RMA nearly give’s it to them. They have the sea bed and foreshore, now they want water, Regional Plans and both Govts, including the Greens climate change policies will give them land and lots of it. All in trees.

Remember Auckland, their beaches and city streams. Water Quality Bacteria levels dangerously bad. Human faece’s afloat. Tests conducted by the NZ Herald Focus Team . 1 million liters of waste water and raw human waste pumped straight into Auckland harbours from 41 points each year.  Swimming banned from 10 beaches. Dated 24 th January.

Starting to get the idea?