Well I have done it again. Yes got carried away with it. I went to the Lower Nth Is Region, National Party Regional Council Meeting in Palmerston Nth yesterday. Yes you have got me. I came in from the cold and have decided that to progress my determination to rid the country of all this climate change nonsense aka Treaty Settlement political bxll sxxt, and the only way to do it was to join the source, which is the National Party. You guessed it. Attack the source?. Well that is my view. I had my chance straight up with the opening speaker, MC what ever, who started on climate change. Like a red flag to a bull. I waved my sec 8 RMA document in his face asked for a review of the RMA, and immediately attacked Nationals Jim Bolger led govt of 1991-3. They were responsible for this horrible document titled Taking into Account the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. I concluded that all this climate change garbage was nothing more than a horrible method of settling Treaty Grievance’s. Lets face it the  Wai claimants to the Waitangi Tribunal and I assume all others across NZ are claiming all land back or as much as is possible. and these off sets the climate change legislation allows, will encourage big emitters to buy land ,plant in trees, and claim credits to off set their liability. And that is what we are now seeing big time. Ruapehu has grappled with this for years with Local decision makers struggling to understand the issue. Of course it does not help when the local feds are deliberately encouraging such . Richard Steele. Father of that real big mouth traitor to the agriculture industry, Dan Steele. I note that they are not nearly so vocal about Manuka since the guts dropped out of the market. Anybody got Comvita shares?. Makes Fonterra look like a blue chip investment. But settle Treaty grievances?. Yes because most of the land planted for carbon credits is on land to steep for harvesting , or to far from a port to be economic to harvest. But it is also my prediction that a lot of production forestry will also fall into this category. Thus it will eventually revert to its indigenous form, then fall into the conservation estate and of course Maori have a co-governance arrangement with the Dept. of Conservation. Thus the full and final settlement will be thus. But of course it will be in its or reverting to its original form as when all this sorry saga started in the 1860,s or so. Got it? But are the Nats looking at their Climate Change Policy?

I sat quite till the end of the morning when the MC started on about the up coming election, 2020. It has started NOW and gave the delegates a real Go Party GO, it is up to you speal, and stated give us your Party Vote. That was toooo much. Yep you get it. I got stuck into him. I have heard this nonsense before, and questioned why when MMP is about multi party representation. And we had a referendum to reinforce it. The majority wanted to split their vote. Why then demand both ticks, and I pointed this out. That really pissed them off. The MC went red in the face coughed and spluttered suggesting I was in the wrong party of which I pointed out I was a National Party member, and such that such a policy would could see National consigned to the back benches for a number of elections.. I will state. At the end of his question time/summary  he said. Good question.

Immediately a Party lacky/MP for where ever called me over  to the naughty boys’ corner and preceded to give me a lession in how MMP works. His view is the opposite to mine. AS I understand it, you vote for the member you want to represent you in Parliament. Then you give your party tick to the party you want to support that member you have already voted for, Party in Parliament. eg. I vote for Ian McKelvey. Then I vote for ACT to support Ian and his party which is National. Got it. Other wise the party vote is a wasted vote. So now either National does not want either ACT or Winston on their team or they are just plain dumb. I noted that they were quick to chummy up with the Maori Party, a party that a lot of Maori did not want a bar of for along time before they finally got the heave ho. What do you think.? I can quantify that as I was polling both officer for a number of elections.

I did not slink away with my tail down .I thought stuff you and walked tall into the kitchen for lunch. Where upon 2 people patted me on the shoulder and said well done, they need a shake up.

Had a interesting discussion with a Maori electorate rep, who confirmed my assertions and also got asked to talk to a chap about the Party’s climate change policy. So here is hoping.Fingers crossed.

But no such luck on the local body elections. I was secretly hoping somebody would come knocking on my door asking if I would consider. But no. Note secretly because my wife gets abit uppity about such roles for me. She tolerates my blog because she recognizes the issues.

Well local body election are upon us and my old stamping ground Ruapehu is under the pump again. For Regional Council. 2 more less than adequate candidates standing. Failed Mayor ,failed National Party candidate, failed Regional Council rep, Weston Kirton.He is also the man responsible in the mid 1990,s for stuffing the town sewage and waste water plant, only recently built. One  that had only recently won a environmental award for being ahead of its time. He allowed his penicillin milk to flow into the vat not once but several times, thus the town milk processing plant vats which all of had to be dumped. And you guessed it. Into the sewage and waste water plant, stuffing it, forcing it into a new round of upgrades that have cost the rate payer millions. And most under the cover of maintance expenses. I will say he has a following in Taumarunui thus is my bet. Richard Steele is a sick man. Sick in the head and a bad heart. One only has to read his first book, which is based on real life to see that. He is also the carbon farmer I refer to in my last blog that lobbied Fed Farmers so successfully to turn a blind eye to damage such a policy will do to NZ,s economy. He is also involved in the farmer support group. And lets face it a lot of farmers and Maori have moved on, that recognized his bad behavior thus he could have a slim chance. Moana Ellis I do not no anything of. Real out sider. The District Council has Lyn Neeson standing again, Mr. Steeles partner in crime and a real shocker. She got up to a lot of horrible stuff out of sight of her members as the Feds chair for Ruapehu, but nobody could get rid of her. So those who wanted to be involved in the Feds at National level either had to leave and join Waikato, and believe me that did happen, or just not bother, and or resign from the Feds. And that happened to. Neeson and the Steeles are the reason for a low membership % for Ruapehu. .

My OMF Carbon report for August talks  about the Paris climate change agreement, only 18 months away from the start date, and 11 years to the end of the reporting period. They state that the last 15% of renewable energy will be very expensive to achieve within that time. The cure for methane is decades away and forestry alone will not get us over the line by 2030. They quantify this by saying that NZ does not have the infrastructure to grow/source seedlings and then the time to plant the VASTE amount of land required. Then have them sequestering enough carbon to meet the Paris commitment. They claim forestry is only a transition method  and international unites are the only solution. European Unites are claimed to be Euro $44. Twice the value of $NZ unites. Look out the consumer. The  September Country Wide update has a article titled Farming takes the Carbon load, and states expecting farming to shoulder the load will have a serious impact on the economy and resulting drop in all NZers standard of living. This morning on the AM show, Cameron Beagre was the guest economic commentator. He stated that all children should go to school and be taught the value of money and the importance of saving money. Tooo many people cannot add and subtract $ to work out how to pay the bills. Whilst he was talking about house prices I could not help but think he was also questioning political decisions.

Pg 24 Rural News August 27 is a good example of the above, titled Government policy rule changes are hitting farmers in the pocket, and my assertion, are deliberately created to enable carbon farmers thus land use change. I have commented in the past, on carbon farmers submissions to select committees complaining that land is to expensive. My sister in law has just taken leave for 12 months from the BNZ ,she says banks are losing senior staff at a rate not seen for along time, and the Australian owned banks have moved their own managers in from Australia. They are unwavering in their owners instructions. No New Lending. This opinion by Hayden Dillon on pg 24 . Larger farms cannot sell. Overseas investors locked out, unless it is for carbon. There is now a concoction of \government polices and statements on legislative changes. Unknowns about the emissions trading scheme and cost associated with. More regulation and compliance, struggle to attract/retain staff all which impacts on productivity and cash flow, and the requirements of the Reserve Bank to increase the capital requirements of Banks, which can only be bad news for farmers. The irony is that farmers are being asked to spend more on new systems so as to reduce their environmental foot print but cannot borrow to meet. The slow creep of these related issues will impact well beyond the farm gate. Dillon does not no whether the policy makers have connected all the dots and realise these things are coming together to create the perfect financial storm that no NZer will be unaffected by.

Mean while Australia is getting on with life, thumbing their nose at all this climate change hype, burning coal, and exporting vaste amounts, driving V8 cars and really enjoying a great life style. Their water quality is shxt, but the world loves Aussi food. Their media really hold politicians and their policies to account and no how to investigate. esp the cost to the consumer of all this climate change stuff. Yes Awesome Australians really no which side of the bread it is buttered on. I read a article recently some where a Australian Defence Force whistle blower split the beans on plans to build a giant detention camp in the middle of the desert. Could it be to house all the masses of NZ citizens fleeing a failed poverty stricken state? See Farmers Weekly August 26th pg 30.

Yep call me negative. But I have called this situation from the beginning of my Regional Council life. August 2007. I am on the money. So many people/politicians fought me all the way. I have named only a few. So many more were influenced by these people and did their bit to undermine me and the good of the community at large. Some people in positions of influence agreed in private but stated clearly that their privilaged position was to important to rock the boat. Ian McKelvey National MP for Rangitikei. Another when challenged on his role as Minister for Justice ,when presented with the evidence chose to fall on his sword. Simon Power. Then there is the courts.

Horrendous what a bit of privaliged authority will do to people.