Hells Bells and Whistling in the Wind. Yesterday I received a email from That trendy lefty greeny Beef and Lamb Chair Mr. Morrison ecstatically informing me that Biff and Bam have struck a deal to keep Agri out of the emissions trading scheme for 5 more yrs. Giving the industry time to work with Govt to come up with voluntary solutions to the methane farting belching issue destroying our climate. Shame we are not allowed the latest GE grass’s to achieve such out comes. Would have thought the world came first rather than pedantic reasons why not. (Grass)

This morning, Tuesday 29th Oct, on the AM show the presenter, Jayden, had Jacinda on mat and put this to her. NO way was the answer, 2022 Agri comes into the Emissions Trading Scheme. She was dancing around on her seat like a silly little immature school girl with the hots for her hunky male teacher. NZ farmers will be the worlds first to save the world ,and just think what a huge marketing advantage that will give our farmers. I think Jayden was abit gob smacked, and totally unprepared for that reply.  There it is in this weeks Farmers Weekly, pgs 2-4,29th Oct 2019. It is practical, it is innovative, it’s achievable.(Jacinda)  And todays OMF carbon report. Be careful what you wish for. Farmers out for 5 yrs, etc. etc. .  30th Oct. So who is pulling who”s leg. What a shocker. Is Jacinda so confident she can be so blatant in her contempt for Agriculture? There we have Biff and Blam ,in the written context, sign up dear farmers, Voluntary environmental farm plans are a must.  Show Minister Parker and Jacinda that you are keen to screw your selves. For that must surely be the only out come sought, for as I have said before. Why I see they have even given it a Maori name. He Waka Eke Noa. Signing up to these plans means you for go your right to the Magna Carter. NO MAN shall be desisted of his land by legal or regulatory means. Oh my god. But do I feel a air of desperation in Biff and Bam’s and Jacinda’s commentary?

What a shame there will be a lot less livestock, whilst the increasing value for market returns is purely driven by supply and demand, (China) and the up swing in the commodity cycle.  surely NZ needs every export $ farming can generate, to pay for education, health and much needed infrastructure, it is sheer madness to be putting the brakes on the productive capacity of the industry. Thus I rest my case. Treaty Settlements. I have presented you with the evidence. I still have more and will post it in future.

I have finally got round to reading the discussion document for the NPSFW and NES for FW. I read/focused on the document “Te Mana o te Wai”. titled NPSFWM.(management) The Kahui Wai Maori report to Minister David Parker. I did not say honorable because to my mind he and his mates are anything but, and because it is the recommendations/demands in this report that will be the outcome in future years.

MANA WHAKAHAERE. STOP. Look at this word. Pronounce it as you read it. Maori Fucka Hairy? Surely Maori cannot be so full of confidence to name a document by this spelling. But I have heard such meaning in other forums, such as the Maori lead consultation for the Whanganui Treaty Settlement with the wider community held at the Powder Horn in Ohakune 2013. . Around the Maori Council table at the Ruapehu District Council chambers  where I was called to defend my criticism of the Opening page of the District Plan. The Tangata Whenua. It must be said that I did not actually oppose the Co-governance arrangement but my concern centered on how it was introduced to the Plan. There was no consultation. Just a blank page in the “for consultation doc”.   I have reported on this way back at a similar time frame. Plus I have a copy of the Ngati Rangi Environmental Plan, written by non other than Horizons Regional Council Staff. It states clearly that the Natural and Physical in Ngati Rangi,s Rohe will be managed by Maori for the benefit of Maori. And it seems such plans are to be the norm for all Iwi settlements in the catchment.

9 billion $ shock to the National economy. Pg1. 4th November 2019. I would sudjest it is abit light, with Horticulture not being included, and what about the added cost to our Urban consumers.

There on page 3 we have a fed farmers water spokesman Matt Cullen saying N reduction targets of up to 80% mean farming will disappear in large parts of the country. Strange how a feds man can make such a statement when they covertly support the outcomes sought. I have reported on this statement in 2 or more previous past posts. Believe me. The Feds no that Maoridom are to be the beneficiary’s of such policy. I remember sitting in past fed CEO, Graeme Smiths office in Hamilton presenting the evidence for my view, or assertions. How ever you want to see it. He looked horrified. Not because he was being informed, but because he realized we new what was coming. I note he did not stay long. Same as Simon Power. Once he new the game was up he was gone.

Same page, Canterbury Fed Farmers Chair David Clark. ” Economic Vandalism” Predicting Bankruptcy’s.

Page 4 Newby to the Regional Council. Horizons rep Rangitikei. John Turkington.Forestry Operator. Trees are a succession option farmer’s did not have before. I would sudjest he s looking after number 1. How he got there is beyond me.

pg 5. Julie Collins. Forestry NZ. Will not be until next year that we hit the 100,000 hec mark. She states that there is a lot of misinformation out there with regards to foreign ownership and afforestation of farmland. 19 approvals made under the special investment test. 14000 hec. She says locals are buying up too. Defends the Overseas Investment Office option to certain forestry companies that means they do not have to apply separately for every land purchase. Says $38 mill has been invested in forestry partnerships, across 36 projects. I will say that the Rangitikei District is the next big mover with regards to Land Use Change. My MP Nathan Guy told me early this year that Ian Mc Kelvie was running around with a map of the district designated for Land use Change. Maori have told me the same back in 2017

pg 18 A clever man. MfE principle advisor Bryon Smith says new rules will not stop us farming. He is just talking about Nitrogen and Phosphorous and sediment. Pushing farm plans.Claims most catchments are already at 1 mg /mill N already, something I have thought of ,BUT. What about P and sediment. Then there is Methane. But of course my overseer analysis of our then Taumarunui farm showed I had to drop stk unites by 30%. Still have it somewhere. This chap claim’s it is Canterbury and the Hort guys they are really after.  Clever man. Most farmers reading this would feel better I am sure. BUT. Also says that our Urban cousins waste water and storm water infrastructure will have to comply too. But not quite yet? Yea Right. Too much political clout there. A low paid work force.  They just cannot afford it. Plus add a shrinking economy, rising unemployment.

This chap Smith says the MfE has done the $ numbers, and Land Corp, says it can be done. On pg 26. Regional Councils say  the proposals will require significant plan changes and extra investment in regulatory services, science and monitoring. == higher rates. More trees/hec = rates relief for environmental good out comes= viscous circle. Less and less rate payers contributing in full.


pg 19. Deer industry wiped out. Even if several mitigations were adopted and the resulting emissions reductions added together, the net benefit is unlikely to be more than 5%. I would sudjest this is the same for extensive farming as well.

pg 30. Flying under the Rural Radar. The woman of influence awards recognize woman who contribute a lot.

This years winner. Environmental Planner, and RMA hearings commissioner Gina Mohi. My experience with  planners is ,once a planner always a planner and very one eyed. Environment ist, 2nd and 3rd. Helped of course by dodgy interpretations of the order of the LGA Well beings, and enabled by green outcomes. So to the point. She says that maoridoms social problems are directly linked to water and in particular the quality of. Mainstream society is struggling to understand that. ????

Back to pg 18 and this clever man Smith. Here it is . A post from Keith Woodford. Past Lincoln Uni chancellor.  I will use it as a entire post next month, for it is a large document. . But he says that it is a dodgy assessment of Agricultures GDP that the Govt is using, . Woodford states that it was commissioned by non other the Fish and Game. Forest and Bird and the EDS. GDP at the Farm Gate. Not to the economy. A must read.

This NPSFW document relies on the cost v benefit statement .The $ cost of doing nothing out weighs the $ cost of doing something.

Well, I read the Maori. Te Mana o te Wai report that was released with the NPSFW doc for consultation. To me and briefly, it seems that Maori want/demand ownership of water. Thus only then will water quality issues be sorted by Maori.  Along with that they will control the allocation of water. This document does not allow for hydro schemes or urban sewage and waste water to be included.

Well what can I say. My Wai Treaty claims say the same. Not all ,but a lot of the evidence I have, points to the return of land .As much as they can get. It is via such legislation. And believe me they are going to get it. I think  by the end of this present Govts term next yr. I have heard Maori leaders stating . From the Mountains to the sea and every thing in-between. Certainly it will result in a very large down turn in our national economy, a bit of a economic surge as all the unallocated livestock is killed and exported. then the inevitable. Our $ will crash, to just as bad as Zimbabwe and South Africa. Imports will go through the roof. Thus now you can understand my theme . The Giant Leap Backwards. 45% unemployment in those country’s. South Africa is on the brink of civil war, murders, rapes and kidnapping is rife.  All the middle class has left, leaving only the very rich and the very poor. One such person works at the local school, and tells of murders of land owners. Of which there is a lot of. This is also a statement that a member of the local Iwi made to me. “All I see coming out of the settlements is a lot of very poor people”. I believe it will be Europeans. Those that have stayed. For what ever the reason. Time to go is now, whilst our $ is still worth something. Nuts you say. I have been bang on the money since those 3 articles that the Farmers Weekly printed way back in August-Oct 2007. First get out of Debt. If you cannot, get out whilst Land values are still holding up.

Next if you decide on a planned exit over time, getting money out of the country is a must. Before the Govt stops capital transferrers. Rhodesian farmers did it by putting a value on destroyed flowers. Leaving that money in the markets banks.

You will have read in previous posts back in my time in Regional C of our efforts in court. On more than one occasion we lobbied our MP to step in and over turn a Environment Court Decision because it was plainly wrong, (Bio-diversity appeal). and latter the High Court decision. Ian McKelvey. He said sorry guys I nor the Govt cannot step into a court decision over turning it We appealed by letter to Judith Collins, Minister of Justice. They lied. Here we are having to vote for members that are playing the game. Why they do it I do not no. The prestige. In this case not the money. Ian is one of NZ,s wealthier people. he was one of those Mayors that allowed Horizons to assume the TA,s roles and functions. Hand picked for the job as our MP. Got the nod. Judith got dumped to the back benches.??? My point. The residents  living close to the Whenuapai Air force Base took the Force to the Enviro Court to stop them testing jet engines at night. To much noise. The Judge agreed . In steeps none other than Honorable Ron Marks, Minister of Defense. Over turns the Environment court decision. Source. The AM Show. TV 3 16th October. Well I have written a lot. Some of you have probably nodded off  or signed off. what the hell. You have read it here first.

Bye       .