Hello people. Happy new year. Or for many in the lower middle income brackets it is going to get tougher. Carbon recently hit $29/ton. My OMF site says $35 here we come. They also say that investors and customers of companies are expecting them to focus on sustainability and understand the social licence to operate and what it means to be a steward of nature. The ETS is a tax around emissions, and if your business has an environmental impact.You need to “reduce offset”.

Some time ago ,and no I am not going to say when I commented on, and gave details of a news paper article from a Australian paper I read whilst over there. Subject was cost of carbon on consumers pay packets. At A $15/t carbon and the effort to save Australia from climate change was 8% of the lower to average mum and dad consumer. The price of carbon in A$ is still the same.

In NZ I can say using the above the cost of saving NZ is 16% of the same population grouping. If it is not already it will soon will be. Along with a lot more land . productive land. I note that Ian Mc Kelvie, MP for Rangitiki. did not look a happy chappy at the 50 Shades of Green march recently. He was at the assembly grounds, not really mixing, then up the steps and away, walking around ,back and forth. He no,s Rangitiki is next. And if Nathan Guy (out going MP for Otaki) and my contact around the Treaty Settlement table are right, the area is large. Very large.

Fake News. Earlier this week, Tuesday 14th, My good friend from Dannevirke .Malcolm Scott put up a post on face book. He had shared a post from somebody else picturing a news paper article from a Sydney News Paper 81 years ago. 1939. Titled .Worst Heat in History for Sydney. 45.3 degree’s. It detailed horrific bush fires as a consequence. 62 people dead. The highest Temperature this year in Sydney to date was 35 degree’s. Official.  If you listened to the news you were lead to believe it was a lot and to get a lot higher. Where as the cause was not climate change but humans stupidity.

Shame Malcolm got conned into planting all his stream banks in Pine trees. That will be the end of water quality and associated aquatic Bio-d. Just what the Govt wants. Thus the perfect excuse to regulate land use for the protection of. Told me he had expert advice from a consultant.

Fake Policy Statements. Horizons Regional Councils infamous ONE PLAN is just that. Opening chapter speaks of  LAND USE CHANGE. The need for thus is CLIMATE CHANGE. Thus this forces or gives Horizons staff the excuse to write up Objectives thus the Policies to achieve the objectives to deliver Land Use Change to mitigate Climate Change. Every Chapter is recognized in that each seeks to deliver Land Use Change. You will find District Council Plans not much different. Unless of course it states clearly in the District Plan. I and my man John understand this clearly. That is why we fought the Govt .National. the Regional and District councils in the courts. My day is done. I have recognized and moved our investment else where. Those of you still at the coal face must look to change the wording of the Policy Statement of your Regional/District Plans.

Another chap I no now lives in Canada. Last week he put up a post on face book detailing freak snow storms hitting his neck of the woods. Next thing it is on the news freak snow storms In Canada kill 6 people.

You must remember that the last 2 years the media has reported ever increasingly colder winters for the northern hemisphere. Severely colder.  Record lowers. Now you may say I am a disbeliever. But I am merely presenting people with the facts as I read see them. YOU make up your mind.

I have talked to the top men in 50 Shades of Green. Offered to come and talk to them about the above. Got no where. They obviously do not take me seriously or has somebody else got to them? I see I have been removed from their mailing list as well. 2 people and one political party I do not trust have made big inroads into the groups confidence. They are Ms Collis mayor of Taurarua.  Andrew Morrison chair Beef and lamb. The National Party. Remember they had 9 years of this and only made things worse. I have discussed all the above in previous posts. Thus I can say that 50 Shades of Green are like all other farmer attempts. Doomed to failure.

Next blog I will discuss the proposed NPS for Bio- diversity. Remember I was a Hearings Commissioner on the One Plans provisions for. Very interesting.

Hey on a positive front. There it is.The Farmers Weekly. 13th January 2020. pg 18. Scientists Paint Carbon Picture. Seems there is money and effort going into measuring carbon build up in soils. Or should I say soil build up. They talk of “HILL Country Soils toooo” This is to much. Will farmers be able to claim credits for soil? I have written of this before in this blog. Pasture Utilization. Not so long ago.

I had to have a laugh at Alan Emmerson’s comment on pg 26. I recon he got most of it spot on. My shrink says I am living in the past. Have to be positive. Thanks Alan

Catch ya