Yes I did. And forgot I did not include the Resource Management Law example in my last post ,but Rodney Hide bye bye speech. Yes well down the page he referees to Co-governance problems . He was a lot more forth coming at the Local Govt conference in Wellington, July that yr. Bad Bad was his wording. Lost the speech notes, and Mr. White, Act Party would not give me anotherĀ  copy.

Here it is.

Another really good read to add substance to what I am concerned about is to be found under my name on Google. Mike Plowman. Go to pg 5. Ombudsmen’s decision. You will also find other negative references to me in the preceding pages. One featuring Murry Guy. You remember the Guy along with others who subverted the One Plan N leaching limits decision version. And is now the reason why Horizons has to notify a plan change in the next Triennium. At what cost to rate payer. This is from the Guy who wanted to use the councils monies from the sale of the Napier port shares to buy a dry stock farm and convert it to a dairy unit just to confirm it could be run profitably under the One Plans N leaching limits. Yes it got quietly dropped. Thank god for the CCTO independent directors.