Yes. Sat around on my butt for first 3 months of the year. Doing 10 days paid work . Still I was busy on the block. Then the ph started ringing. Cannot say why every body decided it was time to get things done. End of March tax year ? Been to Havelock North. 8 days. Stayed in the truck. Learn,t alot about alot. But i made abit of $. Currently up at Bulls, What promised to be a good earner turned into abit of a fizzer. Learn,t abit about what to state in a contractual environment. But i will make a $ or 2. Just  it could have been alot better. Especially when you buy the material. Local small block and life style are spending now. But i have to wonder how long it will last.

Had alot to write about last time, but found i could not down load the Cook book. My moderator managed, but in a unreadable form. Have to go back to him about that. The blog got published.

Never mind. I want to go back to Late January. European farmers were protesting across Europe against further Environmental legislation being proposed. TV1 news. It stemmed from the accumulation of rules that at first farmers accepted, until it becomes tooo much. Remember. They were blocking highways and bye ways with tractors and dumping trailer loads of poo on govt buildings door steps and in markets across the Union. Man those guys no how to protest. We NZ farmers have alot to learn. Still i have not heard to out come of thus, and NZ farmers are cut out of the Euro farm deal, unless you are Maori. So one can assume that  the legislators backed down ,for the time being anyway.

Another News event was the Port Hills CHCH blaze early this year. 1000,s  hec of pine trees and some rubbish vegetation went up destroying homes, infrastructure, and threatening human life. Indeed i believe there where fatality’s. I  get the idea that such happenings have politicians in abit of a bind. How to achieve the political outcomes sought with out making it so obvious that the population rises up against, and in mass. I keep thinking back to my first introduction to Horizon’s CEO Michael Mc Cartney. If We, but he meant Govt, cannot achieve the outcome sought via the Nitrogen limits. We have another method. I will say it is mass afforestation of farmland with pine trees. John and i buggered the N Limits. Yes it is all recorded in this blog.

Pine has a horrendous environmental effect on the general populous and frastructure that has happened much sooner that anticipated. Yes Much much sooner. Plenty of science to prove what i say. Not all of cleansed from the library’s. And i have referred to it in this blog. Recent climatic events leading to such happenings halted the large scale planting of such vegetation. Where to next. NZ Political party’s have signed up to UN requirements, devolving of control/ownership of the Natural and Physical to Maori. How to achieve this? Will Govt wait a decade or 2 and then allow the reintroduction of mass plantings.

Or will we see a return of the N limits. Of course Govt needs the help of our farming leaders and  Agri Industry to achieve. Big ask given that  those same farmers have been paid well for the land bought for such outcomes. But as referenced in my previous blog. Not impossible, and indeed one has to say has already started. But one thing is for sure. Our present National Govt cannot hide.. No amount of books  on climate change can hide the “Lie”

I have noted that, and the media has gone silent. The Coalition has moved on from RMA reform especially sec 8. Act campaigned aggressively on this. Including the written form of the treaty. A referendum. The NPS on Fresh Water is on the back burner, presumably being left for the next Labour coalition Govt to implement, thus leading to them being kicked out etc and the circus continues. And no mention of Regional Council reform that Ian McKelvie referred to. May be the coalition is so busy trying to figure out how the ideology idea got so wrong and the economy as a consequence so bad. They do not no what to do. After all  NZ was to become the big name in the big Technological industry world where the best brains flocked to be part of the “New”.

Yea right. In the mean time Australian farmers could not believe how stupid NZ was and quickly increased sheep meat production 3 fold and filled the void. Yes even the  Australian Rugby coach could not help himself and referred NZ,s stupid economic policy for all to hear during the Rugby World Cup last year. How embarrassing.

I’m loving this. How bad is that. But in those 3 Farmers Weekly articles i wrote back in the spring of  2007. I said this is where the NZ economy would end. And now we are starting to see the flow on effect in the internal economy. Bring it on.