Hi people. I do not care who reads this part of Feb post. .Todays date is the 4th of Feb. I have to write this as i have experienced a rather traumatic experience. in that walking through the Levin Mall on Thursday this last week i came across a clearly mentally disabled young Maori person with a career who was more interested in other things. This chap was waiting for European peoples to walk past and then would give them the Finger. Where did such a person get such a perception from.? My wife had a potentially damaging experience at a intersection in Levin recently. A car barged in front from the opposite side of the intersection causing her to brake heavily. 2 big brown arms appeared out of the front windows giving the finger. Then there is the shop lifting. And have you noticed the ad on TV3. A flash dressed Maori chap in a purple jacket. A middle century young woman and a prehistoric white cave man. The maori promising the young woman wealth and happiness. The cave man. Well.

One Guess. You guessed it. Maoridom. It is Waitangi week end. Drop kick Maoridom are demanding  a return to pre colonization. Starvation . Utu. Punga huts. Grass skirts. No medical care of the modern area. Short life span.. No Mc Donalds. No Burger Hut . No modern comforts. No cars. No TV. No Internet. No warm woolen clothes. No etc etc . In short these drop kicks certainly do not want a return to those days ,even tho they are rewriting history to make out other wise. So what are they really demanding. Yes you guessed it. $$$$$$$$. So who really are the drop kicks. Yes. You and I. We must certainly start standing up and saying PISSSS OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. And the sooner the better. Cannot say i am racist because clearly to those who no me and my wider family . No. I am European, and I am proud of it and the benefits I and my wider  European brothers and sisters bought to  NZ. We embraced Maoridom as brothers and sisters. They are family. We are ONE. 99% genetically linked. Yes even me. And very close. So i must say to those who demand . Get your hand off it. Stop patting your self on the back of your head, and put your tongue way. To the rest of NEW ZEALAND. STAND UP. Tell our drop kick Politician’s to do what is right by all NZers. Stop nodding their heads,, Stop eating their lunch and holding their hands out on Wednesday. I really embarrassed Ian McKelvie with that,  6 yrs ago at the Kaitieke Easter Sports.(National) He has liked me ever since. Plus the sports ground included a lot of Maori. No negative feed back. Why because they enjoyed the European derived competitions they entered in of their own free will. .  Chap from Nthland came up and shook my hand. Lets get real.

I can certainly say this that NZ is on the way to hell. What was Jacinda’s favourite  saying many years ago. No money but be happy. Lets think about this. Recently TV 3 favourite economist Cameron Bagri said it as every good opposition party leader should be saying. NZ,s export income is down 14%. Our imports are up 40%. Our balance of payments are dreadful. We are living beyond our means. It is Unsustainable.. The reason for the drop in export income. Trees and Unworkable land use restrictions.  To pay for the imports, NZ needs income. Tourism is not the answer. Dial up the Central and Local govt expenditure on such promotion. Think Americas Cup. Think Covid. Many District Councils are now regretting such policies.

The Govt certainly seemed concerned with the Damage caused by Cyclone Gabriel. Both to Auckland and the East Coast. Humungous damage. But yet again we no it has happened before. For Gisborne .1954. The Labour Govt of the early 2000,s saw what damage trees could do to infrastructure. Yet both govts since have kept on planting. The answer. A ban on sizable plantings of trees on hill country. No more than 5 hec. per 100 hec. Drop this save the plant, buy a carbon credit nonscience. The Govt has told the east coast . Yes we will reinstate highways and by ways but not to the standard you are used to. It will be fit for purpose????. Cheap. Introduction of a cashless society. No AM machines. No cash. Great test run wasn’t it. Thus with that statement .”fit for purpose” it will be more of the same. Time and again. What happens when a intelligent MP stands up in the media and says what is really the problem. She gets ridiculed by the media, her peers and given a ticking off by Luxton. Party leader, and a book to go away and read. We had a forest owners rep on TV straight after saying. Not our fault. Its climate change, and the silt came from farmland. Can You believe the audacity of the chap. No mention of the Tongan volcano, the Australian metrological expert or Steve from the Ridge who i quoted in my last post.

Climate change? This last month California. Yes California. Caked in snow. Last year it was Texas. What a horrible wet cool summer we have had ,and today is bitter. Global warming?//. Just how much more nonscience are our communities prepared to put up with. Just who is spreading misinformation, disinformation, propaganda.

Our grt leader Chris the hippy recently announced  the roll out of EV charging stations every 150km apart. Grt. How long does it take to charge one ?. So then it is obvious that there is not going to be many on the roads/highways. This fits with my thoughts. NZ Agri production will be for local trade. We will not as a nation be able to afford the imports to run all the combustion engines, the parts required or indeed new such vehicles. Travel will be by public transport. Powered? Well I have read that the Govt and Toyota are going to build hydrogen refill stations for heavy transport. I hear that bus’s and council refuse collection trucks all electric spend more time charging than collecting. Thus think the life style we have come to expect. Si Ri Lanka just picked up a massive IMF bail out. Remember .Their economy hit the wall following the same climate change policies our Govts past and present have been following. Time our urban cousins got off their dignified butts and smelt the truth. Going to have to be population control .Just what form will that take? Time to tell radical Maori and their puppy dog religious, political and environmental cousins to immigrate. But then again which Govt would want them . Biden? The Federal Reserve? But be sure ,for the time being NZ is being governed by the Maori seats, The Greens and the Maori Party. All rely on the 18-25yr old voting base. And they want to lower the age.

Now the big news that nobody is hearing a bout is the carbon market. Down from $80/t to $60 per tonne, currently $65. My Jarden carbon market Report 27thMarch says. Auctions not clearing. Tepid demand. Good chance that the June auction could fail. If June does not clear then hard to see how the following 2 auctions could clear. Possible over supply developing. More supply coming onto market nxt 4 yrs. Our govt has placed a floor under the price, my guess is it is $60/t ,that means you and i are propping up the market. How much is that goin g to cost us??? I have said for awhile ,may be not in this blog ,but  NZ needs a horrendous world wide depression to end this climate change madness that we .NZ has absolutely  no contribution to.. It is a tool to bring about land use change, political change, contributing to huge social unrest which will be brutally suppressed.  My view. .

For Gods sake wake up.