Well actually no. I am a bit of a star gazer, believe in that sort of stuff, had the odd premonition . Pushed the button on a clairvoyants sight that popped up, she told me exactly who I am, just from my birth date. The description was to a tee. Only prob is she also said I parted company with my destiny decades ago and she wants to help get back on track. Well I guess I should pay for the help, but Sharron would give me my pedigree for wasting money, thus it simply will not be worth the agro.

I have had the morning doing odd jobs around the block whilst waiting for the Inspire guy to turn up, and now the rain predicted has arrived. So my blog. I took the time this morning to read a past  blog, March 1 2014. Jehovah Witness. I have not seen them since. Must have decided that I had already converted thus to leave me be. You should read it. Especially if you are dubious about man made global warming. Interesting to note whist talking of this ,a yr or so ago, the printed media reported on a German submarine that came to the surface 100 or so years after it sank. Yes sank. A few 100 meters from the shore line, “out of the sand”.


I say in this blog. March 1 2014. “Political outcomes”.

I recently had a email discussion with my man John. been together fighting this madness since 2007. This is what we wrote. John. (17th Nov) Tell me why we should fight these barstards and worse encourage others to. We won’t get any where. Civil unrest and public disorder Hong Kong style will not either. Brixit is a farce, Govt is in control, the cashless society will give govt complete control, behave or we will freeze your bank acct, followed by media control, and disarming the population, this will be the end of democracy. Enter the police state. All these moves are currently underway but at a accelerated pace. ONE World Govt. The IMF is using the European Union as it test bed..

He wrote. My  summer programme is fern spraying, fishing ,fishing and more fishing. I have tried to help the farming community again. In reality I am to direct on what is right and wrong, and farmers need the security of a grey area so they do not need to make a decision until it is too late. Now enough of the negative shit, contact details for 50SOG.

I had written 16th Nov. Hi John. would like to say I am full of confidence and happiness. Not so. Some years ago I signed up to a American web sight called Wealth Daily. Way back then it was pushing the message that the world is heading down the political cycle towards darkness, fascism, social upheaval, poverty. It also predicted a lot worse, such as hunger, sickness, war. It gave ideas on how to survive and create wealth, what stocks to buy, what not to buy, and roughly how long till armagegon hits.( About now by my reckoning. The S&P has hit 3100).You and I have seen the subversion of the democratic process within Local Govt. Now we are seeing the blatant subversion of democracy and contempt for the mainstay of our economy by central Govt elected reps. Lets look backwards, 200 yrs. The 1800,s pretty dark place. Democracy was hardly mentioned, poverty and sickness the norm. Early 1900,s was a time for war and death from which a determination to improve peoples lives dawned. The United Nations and the World Bank came to be, (my view) only trouble is that the communists had infiltrated these organizations and risen to power.

Here we are 200 yrs on. Govts world wide are drafting regressive policies too control peoples minds and keep them poor so they are to tired to comprehend what is really going on. On the face of it people have never been so affluent. But the reality is very different. Europe is a socialists dream. Weighed down by excessive debt, citizens protesting about excessive taxes,(Carbon) lack of social welfare, and govt policies on the environment .leading to country’s just wanting out.

In Russia the populace has had enough and are regularly taking to the streets, the populace so poor they cannot afford a bottle of vodka. Hong Kong. Well we no what is going on there. South Africa is on the verge of civil war, only the very poor and the very wealthy are left, the middle class has bolted. Many South American country’s are in the same position. In America, my mate Trumpy is up against it.The Democrat’s are having a field day, and the world sentiment is against him. The last bastion of freedom is under attack by its own people. The Democrat’s. This political party has the same policies as our trendy lefty greeny Labour/Green party. In short it is my view we have seen the top of the current politically good cycle and are starting down the dark side. Climate change is now the vehicle being used world wide.

Last post I said I had more good stuff to comment on. May well mean another post next few days. I am reading the front page of the Farmers Weekly October 14th 2019. THAT MAN, I have been described like that my self, but by a Woman. Mike Peterson. Yes ex Beef and Lamb rep/chair what ever. There he is lambasting farmers for fighting all this climate change political stuff. He comes across rather pissed off. But then abit later I see he has been dumped as our trade envoy. I must say I first met Mr. Peterson way back in August  2007 Pretty sure it was Aug, may have been Oct, but any way it was a Beef and Lamb meeting in Taihape. Friday night. I Traveled down and was made to waite till the end of the meeting to ask for the Organization to write up a sec 32, economic analysis for Sheep and Beef in Horizons Region and to make a submission to the Proposed One Plan. The Directors Flatly refused. I am sure he was the chair at that time. From time to time I came across him at various function where I wondered just why he was there. I had a interesting moment with another Beef and Lamb rep at the Atihau field day leading up to the Awhenua Farm excellence prize giving.

At the end of the day the Maori owners got up and did this little dance and sang a song about the return of their land. I thought it meant their leased land, but any way the Biff and Bam rep hoped up and joined in. ????.Been very wary of that organization for very good reason.

Now can the Labour/Green Party Mess be losing their minds or has Winny and Shane got them in a strangle hold. There it is Farmers Weekly pg 15 Nov 18 2019. FISH FIGHT not finished. Holy Molly. A precedent setting Environment Court decision. native fish take precedent over Trout. Fish and Game are real annoyed. Appealing it. The ruling is in regards to irrigation takes on the Lindis river in Otago. Seems the judge recognized that irrigation takes actually protect native fish, because trout cannot access them at times of low flow. Can it be that next ,the environment court will recognize that Periphyton, yes Periphyton also protects aquatic bio-d at times of low flow in the same similar way. It provides a protective habitat for. Surely this must be the next cab off the rank. Thus the court must also accept then that Phosphate and Nitrogen have a important place in the mixture. ALL protect native aquatic bio-d at times of low flow. Am I not brilliant?? The clairvoyant said I was. But alas I am not pushing that argument through the courts. Hopefully somebody reading this may pass the message on.

I see that National has picked a former party staffer, reporter and political adviser?? as its next rep for Selwyn. Extremely passionate about Agriculture. Born and raised there. Lets see how she rocks the boat. It is apparent to me that the candidate selection process is all about picking the right people. ie those who will not rock the boat.

Speaking about rocking the boat, there it is in the Rural News Nov 19th 2019. Now this is a shock. Taranaki Regional Council blasts Governments proposed water reforms. Has significant concerns about aspects of specific policies and regulations proposed.as part of the Essential Fresh Water package. Gee wiz. They must have read the Maori document. Could it be that Central Govt will work at removing central figures within the elected reps to better articulate Govt Policy? I certainly would have been at home in that council. Would not have spent so much time in the naughty boys corner.

Some of you may ,if you had attended Bif and Bams meeting in Fielding. month or more ago (Sept) re the Essential Fresh Water proposals, may have recognized me, in that I had plenty to say about courts, farm plans and the Magna Carter. The Biff and Bam presenter, a pretty little lady ,ex Fish and Game policy analysist I understand, was encouraging those present to take up Horizons Farm Plans. Tooo much for me. Jon Roygard and a staffer were present. Any way at the end the staffer gets up and offers a no pressure pole planting programme instead of.  There it is. pg 16 Farmers Weekly October 7th 2019. Council broadens funding criteria. The council now has money for one off jobs on farms that do not have a SLUI plan. Just how many plans have there been done and I admit that the Fielding meeting was probably more the lowland farm but only 2 people put up their hands to admit to being involved in these plans and I was 1/2 way down the room. I must ask “Where are the poles coming from?” as I have reported in a past post on the Horizons meeting in the Kaitieke Valley after a big storm last year, 2017/18 or there about.  You will remember ,Dan Steele was on face book appealing for funds to repair their farm. Horizons promised the earth if you did a SLUI Whole Farm Plan. Only problem it transpired there was no poles to do the job. I also noted from the photos Steele posted on face book that there was no evidence of any pole planting, despite the fact that they were one of the first farms to avail themselves of and promote Horizons SLUI way back in 2007. Just where was the dosh spent. Flash bridges?

Finally to finish My OMF Man is putting the boot into farmers again for fighting the Climate Change Response Bill. Titled, Be careful what you wish for. Seems to resent Farmers holding out on his aspirations to make money out of selling carbon. Must think he can somehow eat the stuff to. He is saying that the tax payer does not want 2 administrative schemes. Agriculture should be in the scheme with a heavy free allocation phased out over a very long time. His view is that Agriculture will rue the day it did not acquiesce.

My view is that on the Rising commodity cycle that Agriculture is now in, it should be able to afford such. But it would be in the next commodity down turn cycle that the proverbial will hit fan.

Bye for now