Hello again, thought I would open on a different note this morning. No I am not a director of any candy company, I do not know how I got that title. Easy to get but that it took some getting rid of. (see my Linked in site)

Well I have some bad news this morning. Opening my mail, I found a letter from the Judical Conduct Commissioner. Bad news as expected. He declined to act on Property Rights In New Zealand inc (PRINZ) appeal to him re their appeal to the High Court .

Manawatu Wanganui Regional Council v Propety Rights in New Zealand, last April 2012. And heard by Justice Ko’s. PRINZ assertion to the Commissioner was that Ko’s was an elected member of Fish and Game who was a party to the proceedings, and therefore had a conflict of interest that was not disclosed at that time. The Commissioner determination is that, yes Ko’s is a member of Fish and Game by virtue of the fact that he buys a fishing licence and has taken part in the election process for office holders once. And by that admission the Commissioner determined that that was not enough of a conflict to recomend a review of the decision.

My view stands. I am sure members of PRINZ agree with me.

However the Commissioner has advised PRINZ to persue the matter further if they so wish, through the Judical reveiw process. Have to have a meeting at the office .

I read in the Dominion Post Tuesday 30th of July, a brief report on the opening day of the High Court Appeal by Hort NZ and Fed Farmers v MWRC. The plaintiffs assert that the section 32 RMA ( cost benefit analysis) requirements with regard to the nitrogen leaching allowances, was not adequate. Justice Ko’s reported comments did not excite me, but then Hort NZ had the opportunity to join PRINZ in their appeal, but chose not to, and whilst the Feds did join the appeal, they chose to support Horizons. I can still hear Justice Ko’s comment to the Feds Lawyer, Mr Gardener. Quote” Mr Gardener. Just whose side are you on?”. So I guess then that Justice Ko’s will treat them with the contempt that perhapes they deserve.

Am in election mode at the moment, and have no news from Horizons this month as we have had a month off. Nomination forms to sign, photos to get taken, and from the 16th if another candidate stands against me, hoardings to design and put up. All in all a expensive exercise.

I am not looking forward to it.

I paid a visit to the Ruapehu District Council meeting yesterday. I recapped on the last 6 years, and complained bitterly about their lack of support and that Horizons staff weekly were in the RDC offices telling Council staff what to do. The RDC is to many of us a mini Horizons.

I got a polite thank you for coming, but not for my efforts or anything I have done for the community over that time. Quite frankly the place is pretty sad.

Che Wilson from  Nga Ti Rangi was there giving council an update on progress with their health, education and employment initative that both Council and Maori, for the whole community have instigated, and are promoting as being the next best thing since sliced bread was invented.

Great, but will be a waste of rate payer monies and Che’s effort with the head in the sand and the green attitude Council has to resource users. I have got to say that these guys are acting like a bunch of show ponies.

I told Council that in my view NZ was on its way to being  the Fiji of the south pacific.

Had a brief discussion on Unitry Authorities. Pretty sure it is going to happen. Not so sure that a possible  model is going to excite the general public, being that Maori are pushing for a Co-Governance model, that currently is not allowed legally, and are seeking law changes to allow. I am not so sure I am comfortable with this, my travels through Maoridom/Regional Council planning and operational matters, have shown conflicting objectives. Both negative and positive. The RMA just about but not quite, devolves control of the Natural and Physical to Maoridom. Planners are giving effect and not regard to this. Alot of Maori are really concerned about this, as it is having a negative effect . If the out-comes sought are positive and can be demonstratively shown to be positive then I could support. But there has to be a out clause just as there is currently written into the RMA with regard to functions, sec 36E.

My advise still is to  get out of debt. Think about your children’s future in a country that politically and judically is corrupt.

I am