Back again. I have a lot of stuff I want to bring to your attention so am getting some that is available on the internet if you no where to look out of the road. Mr. Woodfords post was 3 pages, but whilst I managed to down load to my media I could not transfer all to the blog. But you should have got the idea and to read the rest dial up Keith. This is a good example of just how Labour , the Greens and NZ First see the main stay of the NZ economy. Further, more tourists want to come and see the farm scape, the livestock and the NZ wide landscape, not just bush, and film sets. Remember most get here by airplane. All that carbon emissions.

They have no regard ,compassion or empathy for the people that finance and provide one way or another, every form of input, farms need. Nor the people that harvest, sell, transport what ever these farms in all forms that make up agriculture and in their productive capacity, produce to market. 1000,s of people. But to Jacinda’s team they do not exist, or as Mr. Woodford points out, can merely do something else. Or indeed for statistics models, already do something else.

Another subject I have been pursuing is documents from the Office of Treaty Settlements. I have been waiting patiently for the Whanganui Settlement process to be conclude . I understand that they are well into the final phase. I am after documents preceding the negotiations, the ones that out line each party’s positions, not the actual negotiations. Please find my lawyers response to the Ombudsmen’s provisional opinion. Her full and final opinion is available on the Ombudsmen’s web sight, November 2014. It used to be available on Google along with some other not nice stuff about me, but never mind, am sure that who ever posted it there was not allowed to, but hey people couldĀ  make up their own mind. The documents are from Margret Wilson and Helen Clark ,to the. Got you interested?