News Flash. This Morning 8th Dec. $588 million shock to the Coalition Govt. 3 Waters. Whilst the Election process was going on in Oct through to the formation/confirmation of a new govt, Govt bureaucrats were busy spending up huge on legislation, contracts, Maori integration into and what ever else is needed to run such a entity. Now the Coalition faces a real dilemma. Waste all that $ or implement it .Risk the opposition making hay from such a waste of $???. Or .What price is democracy.? I understand that ACT is working on alternative entity ,one which leaves ownership and democratic control in the hands of the local council. Remember , although most will not remember the reform of local govt in the early 1990,s. Huge cost savings etc, etc . All bull sxxt. What it did was take the local and democratic decision making out of local govt. AND It was the ex County Councils that lost the most. YOU are all seeing that today. 3 Waters will do that to our urban rate payer, make no mistake, and it,s sister, the NPSFW will destroy Agriculture. Our economy will be wasted. How frustrated i am.

Oh well. I am reading my Jarden Carbon report ,December Auction result 2023, 6th December 2023. I would down load it to this blog, But the print off , the print is very small and faded. My view you would not be able to read.. But i will give you a line by line report. Auction date. 06th Dec 2023. NEW Unites available. 1,575,000. Unsold available. 13,425,000. Tier 1 and 2 unites available. 8,6oo,ooo. Total  auction unites. 23,000,000.Unites sold. 0. Unsold 23,000,000.!!!!!!!!!. A bit more jargon but that is the A all and B all. Remember my assertion re carbon some blogs ago. It is all bull SXXT. AND IT WILL take one hell of a recession to sort. Could we be on the cusp of that now. These unsold unites have been accumulating all year!!!!!!!!. Bring it on. Sorry for the suckers still planting. Wondered how it was when only 3 or so months ago unites were $30 odd per tonne. Maori carbon farmers kicked up a stink and bolted off to the UN complaining bitterly. The plane had hardly landed when carbon bolted to $ 80 0r there abouts to settle around $70 at present. Or that is the Govt,s $. But as the evidence says.

I have been holding out on the next paragraph for 2 years or more. I did not want to cause even more media fodder than the present coalition Govt faced in the election run up than they did. But October 2 years ago I spent a couple of hrs with Ian McKelvie. (National) In his office. Fielding.  Yes I live outside of his electorate, But i and others were regular visitors to his electorate office in Taumarunui. He readily agreed to meet me. Enjoyable and informative couple of hrs. 2 main points. Mike, you were right. Disillusioned with the party. Yes. Spent alot of time travelling around NZ after the previous election pacifying the Party Electorate committees. Shoring up support. Last term.. Where do you live now. No that was not the 2nd main point. That was Nationals plans for Regional Councils. I am taking you back to Property Rights inc appeal to the High Court as detailed in a previous blog. YOU find and read. Regional Councils roles and functions are limited to the beds of Rivers and Lakes. sec30, sub sec (1)(gh) of the 1991 RMA. So i am waiting with baited breadth. Cost millions if not billions of $ across NZ to fund these faceless bureaucracies totaly divorced from the rate payer. These 3 paragraphs are recognised, in that each seeks, in their currant or proposed form  the destruction of  democracy, centralisation of decision making, the destruction of property rights, land use change and with that will come change of ownership, “again”. The economy will not be as we no it today. NZ already faces huge deficits in funding for education, health and essential infrastructure. We are a nation rich in natural resources and of course agriculture. But all this green nonscience has locked it all up. I have said before. We are facing 200 yrs of darkness. I cannot wait for the coming depression. World wide. It has to be a horrendous period in time, to teach the trendy deliberate left, and the self entitled, a horrible lession. Bring it on.

Thinking I have strayed from the news and views of Regional Council. Read the documents. Open your eyes and ears. Engage your brain. Prepare. my mate John Barrow did. So have countless others. All professional’s and wealthy . I would like to say white flight is starting, but of course that is not true, as i understand it ,more  NZ born Maori  are living in Australia than there are in NZ.

Ho Ho Ho. What a brilliant piece of work am i. Yes i told you so. How many believed me. BXXXer all i expect. Yes in the last fortnight National screwed it,s rural vote over big time. No. The NPSFW stays. Yes. The urban vote got the 3 Waters shelved, but the economy gets Fxxked over. Rural NZ shafted yet again. Going to be a real interesting election in 2026. My info is that there is another minor party waiting in the Wings. One that will garner some high powered financial support . Only prob is a past fed president holds a fair bit of sway. For Gods sake when will the drivers of these party’s wake up.

Yes the NPSFW stays .Ground Swell super vocal about. Not a murmur from Beef and Lamb, nor the Feds. This is despite there being 5 Fed ex office holders in the 3 coalition parties, and 2 Farmers. I no for a fact that the Rangitikei member is a woke. So Hard luck guys.

Reading through some pretty horrible stuff i accumulated as a consequent of my Horizons day. Such as. Mini Ice age could freeze the Tyne , says New castle academic. July 2016. The Journal. Earth about to be affected by solar event which could see temperatures plunge. Sure enough it happened. North America and Europe had some dreadful winters. Here in NZ. Wednesday 11th August 2016. TV One reported . Coldest day in August for Invercargill ever. But on July the 10th 2015 .Ruapehu experienced the coldest day since 1938.

Brian Leyland, Then chair of the economics panel of the NZ Climate Science Panel. Wrote June 9th 2019. Downloaded via the internet. Govt claims zero carbon bill will develop clear and stable climate change policies. These policies will only succeed if they result in global emission reductions and benefit the economy. In fact they will lead to an increase in emissions ,higher electricity prices and do serious damage to our industries. The poor will suffer the most. We are entitled to expect that the bill has been drafted by people who have expertise in climate science. And have read the Paris agreement. Dream ON. Article 2 states. In A Manner That Does Not Threaten FOOD Production. States NZ Govt ignoring its obligations under the agreement. Sure enough all of the above and more have been realised. His final paragraph. “Bearing in mind the tiny effect NZ can have on global emissions and the huge uncertainties surrounding almost every aspect of climate change, any rational Govt would first make sure that man made  global warming is real and dangerous”. Goggle download and read. All he said is now fact. It has happened or will certainly happen as a consequence of.

Thus you all must be coming to the conclusion i have pushed in this blog. Climate change is a tool, religious’, political and environmental extremists are using to bring about the political outcomes they and their political masters desire. ,

I dug out my copy of Greame Smarts, NIWA  report commissioned by Horizons Regional Council 2008. Review of Fluvial Science  (NIWA client report: CHC2008-018) This is the one staff did not want to get out into the public domain. A good read. Very good.

I have to say i have expressed a view of becoming involved in politics to 3 political or wanna be parties. None are interested in me. When you have a person of such knowledge and experience you would think one of them would be falling over them selves to sign me up. WHY NOT.

There are alot of very dangerous people in local regional and central govt. Both elected, what ever and employed in the ministry’s of.

Think on