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Oh My God.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Were you watching the “Perfect Planet” tonight on TV1 7.00pm???????. David Attenburgh. 24/01/2021.During the course of the programme, he made the “STATEMENT”. And it must be true. He must no. Should he not. The Planets (earth) Average temperature has not varied by more than 1 degree for more than 10,000 yrs. For gods sake be quick and watch the programme on Demand before the drop kicks running the country, including politicians of all colours realise the bombshell Attenburgh has just dropped and the programme is censored. Well I have to stand to be corrected. My assertion last month that the Planet, in my opinion was getting colder must be wrong. Even though parts of America and Spain have had snow at unheard of times before ,and the last 2 winters have been unusually harsh in the northern hemisphere . Gee wizz. The green brigade will be in damage control overdrive over that .

So the question must then be asked. Why the need for all these climate control programmes to control global warming ,when it simply is not true. Why it has not gone un-noticed that the warming bit is not spoken much now, being swapped for climate change. Change to what?. I reported last month that the Feds (farmers) have finally come out swinging over the subjective science and political commentary surrounding water quality through out the land. Why You have read in this blog all that. Plus I whish to add that it is my view that the land and bio-diversity hearings panels for Horizons One Plan were subjected to the same nonsense. Why Jill White, Past mayor of Palmerston North City, past member of Parliament ,why I even believe she may have been minster for the environment under Helen Clark. Chair of the regulatory Committee way back in her earlier stint in Horizons ,then Manawatu Wanganui Regional Council. that okayed the dumping of farm chemicals in unlined pits at the City dump on the the banks of the Mangaone stream just upstream of the Manawatu River. She was just previous  to the One Plan. A director of Landcare, the organization that provided all the science to Horizons Council ,which I have questioned and now the Feds. Indeed it is possible that she continued that directors ship in a covert manner during the hearings and possibly after. This woman was the deputy Chair on most of the hearings panels, plus chair of at least one. She also sat as a hearings commissioner on the Waiouru sewage treatment plant upgrade resource consent hearing. Something that I challenged . She could not sit on any of those panels. The law does not allow. Her conflict of interest did not allow for. Yet she did and no body else challenged her. A very dangerous person.

There has been a bit of internet commentary off and on now and again saying that there is too many people on the planet. It is over crowded. Then describing the steps that will be taken to sort the prob. Starvation, disease, war. Well the first 2 may well be around the wrong way, but one cannot deniegh that what  the United Nations and its green brigade is doing to the producers of food world wide will contribute to just that. Starvation, disease, civil unrest. War.

Well it would seem that some District Councils  have found the balls to challenge the Govts determination to plant Godszone in pine trees. There it is on the front page of the farmers weekly Feb 1st 2021. Rates target Forestry. That is to fund damage to rural roads by logging trucks. My view. Trying to slam the door after the cats bolted.

You have read the evidence I have provided describing sec 4 of the Conservation Act on private land ,including the State Owned Enterprises Act. Well it seems that the Govt is reading my blog and has changed the name(s) to Mataitai Reserves. It is fact that some unlucky farmers and who no’s where else have or have not discovered that large tracts of farm land have been designated Mataitai Reserves. In this instance farmers in the Kaikoura and Conway Flat districts woke up and found that 45000 hec been thus designated. Rural News pg 10 Jan 26th 2021. Still the same out come sought. No Change.

Both Govt,s since 1975 have been subjectively using planning doc to achieve the UN,s directives. Writing the supposed wrongs of the past colonial era. Some Maori  disagree with that ,that there was any wrongs of any great substance saying that our forbearers SOLD the land. They new what they were doing. Others recognise the benefits that Europeans bought to their culture, and at least one of John Keys Indigenous Forums team that travelled the world studying other indigenous peoples problems, said. Mike of all the indigenous peoples in the world colonized by others, Maoridom has been treated the best. Others particularly woman are tired of the grievance process and want to move on. But I had noticed a reluctance to step up and say so. Why.

Now this great reformist party ,Labour is going to split the RMA into 3. It will be really interesting to see what is rewritten . (Sections). After Horizons ONE PLAN debacle. in which a difficult Ruapehu elected represented ,using Property Rights as a vehicle proved that the right of Regional Councils to control the use of land per say was unlawful . Thus the National Policy Statements Fresh Water released recently are thus unlawful, then Govt is certainly going to try and legitimize their Plans and Policy statements. Remember Labour had a team of Lawyers in Horizons quick smart after being elected 4 yrs ago studying it’s plans. I suspect figuring out how to get around Property Rights appeal and thinking hard about Johns and my work with regard to our Advisory Group project. All these are posted on this blog. This is horrendous stuff. It shows a determined effort to circumvent the law by Govt(s) to achieve the out comes sought by BIG Brother of each political persuasion.

If Govt is determined to impose its will, then the Otago Daily Times paper Sunday the 18th of October must have some relevance. This is straight after the last general election. Very Very Suspect Election Results For The South Island. Labour wins party vote in every South Is Electorate. All 17. That is a high statistical improbability in its own right . Some interesting pictures to go with it, not that the Daily times printed those but I will post them below.