Hello again. It is Sunday nite the 25th and I am writing this blog in draft form Several things have moved me to write this up and may be I will add more before the end of the month.

First bitch is TV1 presenter Jack the Prat Tame,s post on face book over the weekend rubbishing Billy Te Kahika,s public speaking campaign leading up to the election. Jack the Prat explained that the TV1 News Team he was apart of made the decision to exclude Billy T from all and any election campaign news coverage. The reason was because he was spreading Fake News. Jack the Prat went on to say that also in his mind the 1% of Kiwis who voted for the Advance Party needed urgent medical treatment. They were deranged.

I will say I voted for the Advance Party. Yes I found some of campaign content that is not my cup of Tea. But he hit the spot with the United Nations One World Govt along with Article 21 and 33. “Control”. Jack the Prat made a deal of the ,”Where is the Evidence” to support ,whilist all the while with every word he spoke. There was the evidence. Media Control of the right to free speach, and also. Controling peoples minds.

Well Jack. I invite you read my blog. There is ALL THE EVIDENCE you will ever need to support Billy T. Will sombody please pass that invitation on.

The Man is a hero. What a huge amount of grit and determination he possess,s to stand up for what is right and to expose  the deciteful corruption of Politics, the abuse of Law and the unethical behaviour of elected members/officals and staff employed to oversee peoples interests across all aspects of Governance and industry in NZ. You have read it all here in this blog.

Next I want to talk about the State Sponsered one eyed TV 1 programme Country Calender. Talk about some of the above. I used to really like Country Calender  back in the good old days when the media celebrated success of individuals and their familys for doing well  no matter what their out look on life was. But the last few years all we get on this programme is Organics  or Regenerative Agriculture or some other form of alternative this or that. Now do not get me wrong. If alternative what ever does it for them grt. But surely it is sheer madness to tell the world what a huge $ success it is. For the old addage of supply and demand must prevail. Too much of a good thing and the price goes down.

But I will say that one farmer I no well has farmed with nothing but lime and minerals for 50 plus decades. Top Stock.Certainly, not over stocked at 7 su/hec and on good mudstone soils.No grass. But the stock appear to be thriving.

Another farmer I no not too far away from the above has gone down the regenerative road 30 odd yrs ago, no fertilzer of any descrpition. The property when he bought it had a very good history of fertilizer. Now he is in trouble. Problem. NO GRASS. Means lambs go earlier, at lighter wieghts, the cows go on to the winter breaks as was the case this late summer alot earlier and thus supplementry feed becomes a issue. Lambing and calving % down. Thats what happened. Yet here we have the State Owned TV 1 pushing farming methods that will eventualy end in tears, pine trees, or both.

Can it be true that Organic farms cannot have any tannalised posts or rails on the property. must be fenced 8 meters in from the neighbouring boundary? Well Yes. True. What a hell of a cost. But no wood does not fit with the Govts determination that trees are going to save the planet, so one must assume then that there will be less trees required for , thus less grown?. What are these farmers going to use to control stock. No not laser beams but PLASTIC Posts. I suppose the market will say they are recycled material and that must be good. But for god sake they are made from OIL. How does this fit with the pure and 100% natural NZ.

Incidently the Farm on Country Calender tonite way down Southern Otago featured a nice set of Tannalised stock yards along with the rest of the property,s fencing. I guess ultimately these farmers will have to have plastic sheds, and homes and electricute their health with electric this and that.

The madness of it all. The hypocrasy. yet people get sucked in.

I have been meaning to comment on that nutrient measuring tool “”Overseer” It was developed to measure required farm nutrient inputs for productive increases in DM content of pastures and crops. But alas it has been high jacked by political and environmental activists across the political spectrum and has been re-developed-modified to measure nutient out puts in various scenarios across all soil types in NZ. It is only as good as the data that is fed into the programme and has a error rate of plus or minus 40%. Even the Commissioner for the Environment is reported as saying it is not fit for purpose. We have not heard from him since. It is my view that it is /has been a tool that has been re-developed to cut agricultural production. The data fed into it enables such a out come. Please consider the following.

Soil types. One Dairy farmer I knew was able to keep within the N limit set for his property until he sowed a winter crop. Bing go. Over the limit. He needed that crop to enable the number of cows per hec to be maintained. He was not over stocked in terms of cows per hec, and from memorary 2.4 to the hec, on the clay Mairoa ash type soils predominate for that district. Ruapehu.

Lets look at the coastal sand country of the west coast of the lower Nth is ,(in Horizons region) Free draining , and grt winter country for cattle. Put the inputs in and you can really carry some stock.The down stream effect is minimal. Pine trees and sea. Yet it has the highest leaching capability of all soil types. in NZ. When the Govt gets it,s hooks into that country it will only be good enough for more pine. The pumic lands of the central north is are no different. The best soils for intensive grazing.

At the other end of the spectrum is the real heavy clay soils found through out NZ but esp in Southland. These soils have the lowest N leaching capability of most soils in NZ. But of course are very wet and create alot of mud. Have you guessed it. Out comes the anti mud brigade with their vidio camera, s and drones, all Govt lackys highlighting the issue. Lots of cows, lots of mud, muddy water. Hey presto the govt brings in the NPSFW and mud is top of the pops. Farmers cannot graze such pastures intensively or even have mud around water troughs and gate ways, something which has since been modified somewhat, and for hill country, regulations around grazing cattle on slope over 10% and as I understand from May to October each yr.

My point. Overseer is a tool now redesigned to achieve the outcomes sought as described in this blog time and again. It is only as good as the data fed into it, and if the data is subjective then the out sought is achieved.

My big bitch is with Farmer owned Fertilizer Company,s Ravensdown and Ballance. Along with the Ministry of Primary Industry they own this tool. Yes farmers own 2/3 of the machine and are paying to screw themselves. I am sure most have not got a clue about this.

So back in 2013 I decided that Ballance directors needed educating about the financial effects that this tool would have on rural communites and the national economy in particular. I decided to stand as a candidate in the up coming elections for a new director. Ballance had a vacancy for a director in my ward. The company called for nominations thus I put my name forward. Next minute I get a letter from the chair at the time saying Ballance had decided to appoint a independent director instead. I replyed you cannot do that. Yes we can SAID THE CHAIR. I found out latter that NO they could not as it is in breach of stand orders. Any way I had had enough of being in the outer around the table so did not persue the matter. Next elections in 2016 I again put my name forward, and this time no independent director , but 11 nominations for one seat. Included were such high profile farmer reps a Biff and Bams ex chair and trade envoy Mike Peterson ,along with high profile Maori Agri leader Mavis Mullins to name but 2 ,that I got the idea that this election was very speacial to somebody, and I was that somebody they did not want. The directorship went to a lady from Waipukurau, who I had never heard of before and who only lasted one term. Another thing that I found un-nerving about the process was that I found it hard to get somebody to nominate me. In both instances Ballance were of no help what so ever refusing to release a list of shareholders at all. I quite literaly had to ask farmers. Not that that was too hard. But.

The 2016 election the nominator from the previous election flatly refused. He was not pleasent at all. Hmmmmm. What changed his mind. After all I had a high profile as a defender of farmer property rights who fought tooth and nail for the industry and our urban communities.

The people driving this are in all forms of governance right across the economy. Most are really nice and seem credible. They find their way into community good organisations , next minute District Councils, next minute they are the Mayor, Chair of the Feds, Biff and bam,,,,, Industry, the candidates school for aspiring politicans.  Our communities are easy meat for such. Where do they come from?

Much to think about.