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Horizons Regional Council WILL form separate Maori Ward(s) for Maori Representation on the council. This is aside from the already significant consultative process required of council. Of course HRC is not the only council to go down this road, and is merely rubber stamping Govt directive. Shame of it is that this is counter to the anti apartheid  movement of the 1980,s when such policies were seen as being racist. But I guess the promoters have all the words to counter such arguments and to speak out publicly would lead to yourself being demeaned and labeled a racist. You could not win. What a sad state of affairs. I cannot help but wonder if the people pursuing such out comes really understand what they are demanding. I have read the 2018 submissions to Horizons 2018-2028 LTP made by Ngati Rangi and  Rangitane. pg 95 and 115 Oral submissions Annex B. Both are demanding the strict ,ridgid water quality standards in the proposed NPSFW be enforced , yet appear to be demanding life go on as normal. Ngati Rangi go a step further and point out they are the enforcer in their Rohe and that it will be for the benefit of Ngati Rangi. Pg 98. Refers to the Ngati Rangi Strategic Plan. But then of course they do. Such a policy allowing such wards will only make such demands achievable. When sitting around the council table, I raised this very issue and referred to such plan(s) which Horizons staff wrote. Yes that is correct. The CEO Michael Mc Cartney immediately responded. Aspirational. Shut the conversation down and the chair immediately moved on.

Now is the time to talk about Local Communities needing more power. Yes certainly is a very serious topic esp with regard to the above item. Wellington is suffocating us and a radicle overhaul is needed say Oliver Hartwich. pg 3 Horowhenua Chronicle April 23, 2021 . Certainly agree but how did this guy get to present this topic to the public? Plus get it printed in the media. His diagnosis: There is something fundamentally wrong with the way govt is structured in NZ. Much more money needs to go to Local Govt. One size fits all does not work. He pointed out that a lot has happened since the 1950,s when NZ was one of the most efficient and richest country’s in the OECD. NZ shows poor trade performance, poor GDP per capita, poor productivity and poor foreign investment. Wellington is unique in the world as it is the most centralised form of Govt , its governance is extreme by international standards. De centralised countries do much better, show grter economic growth and get richer.  Well Neil it is all written here in this blog. The Out Comes Sought. The Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.. I will say no more.

Following on  but never the less is related in the big scheme, I reserected this article for reference in the NZ Herald 21 October 2020 straight after the last election ,written by Dr Bryce Wilkinson. It is about the International Monetary Funds Fiscal Forecast for the NZ economy out to 2025. All Bad. Grim reading for NZ. Labour is a big spender. Govt spending rising to 46% of GDP. Largest increase in all 39 “advanced” economy’s surveyed. IMF forecasts NZ GDP in 2025 will still be lower than 2019. Bottom of the pile. Dire outlook. Again in terms of average income, at the bottom of the pile.

Quality of Govt spending poor. eg used Provincial growth fund as example describing it as a disgrace without proper justification. The report also notes that after Covid the discipline of funding current spending out of current revenue was abandoned, the election was full of promises to scatter burrowed? money in all directions and that the Reserve Banks credit creation is being used to fund deficit spending to a unnerving degree. The IMF’s projected deficit for 2025 is 5.4% of GDP. In 2017 it was a surplus of 1.1% Stating NZ’s prosperity is at stake. Yes you can say I have been confused as to which organization ,the IMF and or the United Nations is driving the outcomes sought for NZ, but I must now agree that it is the UN driving the political changes that we are now seeing. Just What was Helen Clark doing in that place? This forecast will only become more real past 2030 when all this emission target stuff must be achieved. now 13% less than 2017 levels as determined by this labour Green Govt. They are determined to destroy the free market agricultural based economy, replacing it with a centralised one supplying a local trade and a dumbed down population relying on whimsical Govt hand outs.  Dumbed down yes for a uneducated or poorly educated population are easier to control, manipulate. Let’s face it if you cannot read properly or add subtract basic numbers you are easy meat. Did you watch Q&A TV One Sunday Morning 2nd may 2021.

Back to the IMF’s comments on the Provincial growth Fund. Recently a number of Rural Commentators in farming mags have been pushing the case for far more indigenous plantings for carbon sequestration instead of pine. I will say “be careful what you wish for”.  Remember Dr John Diamonds (Landcare) article published in Stuff .co.nz way back around 30/10/2013. More than 2million hec of grassland in NZ can be restored to indigenous forest. The bio-d benefit out weighed its lost food production. Another 1,000,000 hec suitable for protection from clearance. High carbon sequestration over stock carrying capacity.. Lets get real guy’s. The IMF is on to it, why isn’t our media.  When will the population wake up? Or have we already been dumbed down.

Gun Control. Going to be a long term project by this Govt. I do not no what the next center right/right wing Govt policy will be. But this ones is to stop issuing new gun licenses. 9000 applications on hold. Police too busy.

It is all linked. . Starts with The RMA.

Think I am over the top. Just remember you read it here first. And remember any of you my request to the Ombudsmen Office re letters from Helen Clark and Margrete Wilson to the Hinenakau Development Trust way back at the turn of the century. More on that later.