Hi readers. It is another wet morning and I decided to write up this post. Seems to be a habit of mine. Waiting for the rain to stop, I know, lets whip out my monthly post.

Xmas was a quieter affair than normal. May be it is because it was in Hamilton, or because some members of the family could not be there all the time in fact hardly at all. Or maybe because I am a yr older. Any way I only managed to get through a box of 15,s and 1& I/2 bots of red wine. 3 nights worth. Not my normal effort by any means.

Well 2016 has come and gone and NZ is a year closer to armagegon. Our revered PM quit. While ahead?. Any regional plans are well ahead of the pack, all unlawful, and the Govt does not care. I went to the Te Kuiti meeting just before Xmas.  Their minister was sitting right up the front, in a nice Blue dress. God only no’s what she was thinking. Probably that nobody like me who really Know’s the law would stand up and challenge her. I sat there pretty quite. Was tempted to add my bit but thought the better of it. There was a procession of speakers 9 in all and for a start I wondered if I had come to right meeting. The Stake Holders rep on the plan development panel was either naïve, a idiot or a greeny in disguise. But to his credit he stuck to his guns. Next was the District Mayor. Just like all the others in Horizons Region. Gutless. Allowed Regional Council to assume their roles and functions. Prattled on about how wonderful the districts sewage scheme was ,how much cleaner than the receiving environment the waste water discharge was and how agriculture had to clean up its act. The Regional Chair mouthed on about the National Policy Statement Fresh Water, and how it gave the Regional Council the mandate to regulate land use to achieve a standard. He used the word “Maintain”. Yes the NPSFW does state “Maintain”. Look it up in the dictionary. Then look up the word “Maintaince”. One denotes a regulatory function. The other does not. Then go to the Resource Management Act and look up sections 30 and 31. Then go to the Local Govt Act and look up section 12 or 13, Status and Powers. It is all there. Unlawful. And the Minister knows this. These are the people pressuring the District Councils into submission. Why? It is quite confusing because the RMA has not been amended to reflect this. Next came a couple of lets get up them speakers including the Feds Chair (Federated Farmers) all good stuff. Had the floor raised. But the over arching feeling I got was that they were running around like headless chooks. Knowing that it means certain financial ruin over time, but not knowing what to do about it, except jump up and down whilst throwing their toys out of the cot.

My mate John and I have been active in Horizons Region. We have been pushing our Advisory Group Project at certain parties. It has been well received especially given the fact that the Enviro-Court case with Fish and Game is coming up in the new year. I am thinking it will be delayed until the review of the Regional Plans is due April or May. Very unusual for such a long time frame from filing to the hearing.

Well well. I get along okay with most of the River Iwi  Chairs, not all I think, not so sure about the Tuwharetoa people although one of their guys was signing my nomination forms, even nominating me the last time. Out of the blue I get a phone call from one chap. Mike we want you to come and speak to us about this One Plan. You and that lawyer friend of yours. And we want to know what you have been talking to the Rangitikei Action Group about. John and I have no knowledge of any action group but I was surprised that some where along the line they had heard something. And then ring me.

Did you watch the news on TV Channel One last night. The Whanganui River Iwi going crook about “ALL” the tourists pooing in the river. Great stuff. Well publicized great shots of all that timber lying in the river bed. These guys are doing their bit. I know that many of them in positions of influence are real pissed off about what is going on. if we ever  manage to bid fare well to all this unlawful nonsense I would like to shake their hands. Especially as they were not consulted with. Yes all there in Betina Andersons sec 42A report to the One Plan on Consultation. Shame we did not pay more attention to it during the appeals process. But earlier before Xmas the NZ Herald had another great story, and I did not keep the paper, advising on the most polluted rivers and beaches in the North Is. Yep there it is . Auckland. They were categorized A-D. And you guessed it C and D. All the time. Not just at times of high river flows as is described in Horizons Region.

Well readers, time to sign off. Hope the farm is sold. Signed on the dotted line, but have not seen the deposit yet. Fingers crossed. Too much uncertainty out there. I recognize the similarity with what happened in Rhodesia and South Africa. No guns here. Just Regional Plans. And the people are still poor and oppressed. Tourism. What a crock of nonsense. If tourism is such a great and profitable industry why are we subsidizing the promotion of and why are the most popular and recognized tourist destinations in such poor country’s?

I have never voted for Winston Peters, stood off his party as the Media and others are slagging him off. He is not helped by the odd blooper from one or 2 of his ministers, but I am paying attention to his policy on the Treaty of Waitangi. ALL of you should to. I have told the local National Party rep. Get lost. Act is a waste of time. So Hello Winston for me.

I cannot welcome in the New Year, so bye for now.