Hello people, another year almost over, and blow me over. There it is on pg 4 Farmers Weekly December the 12th. Overseer needs more work. Not fit for purpose as a regulatory tool, and should not be used as such. Far to in accurate, up to 40%. Would not stand up in court.

AND who else made this assumption. But The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. Simon Upton..He is basing his decision on a report prepared by one Julie Everett Hincks, a legal and scientific researcher at Otago University. You will remember from a past blog when I commented on his appointment as the P.C.f.E.  Well I have to eat humble pie. 

And Everett Hincks. Re born? Is she the researcher that was running this twin lambing trial on hill country, with a slope over 20%, southerly facing, and a video of a little new born lamb sliding off down the hill in a screaming southerly storm? and …. funded by the MPI via its sustainable farming fund. If so. We farmers from time to time find our selves with strange bed fellows/woman

And here is a Fed Farmers Environment spokesman Chris Allen welcoming the report. Oh my god there is no end to the number of times these guys switch camps.

But hold on to your horses. There it is in the Rural News, pg 1. Pamu playing politics with farmers Money. MPI,s new boss, lets face it, It has been a long time since the MPI did much of any use to farmers, and some drop kick on page 18 And he is a DairyNZ science manager David McCall saying farming systems will have to change. So forget about Simon and do all the environmental stuff. Oh and by the way tuff about the $.

In another mag I read a article from a bike freak telling us to welcome carbon at $100 per tonne ,have to save the plant, and he rides to work, 40km,takes him a hr or so and we must all do the same. I will have find it. 

Oh well the year ended with some positive and not so positive news. No good for me, I have a hacker again running around in my computer demanding bitcoin, and signing me up to a sex wanted sight. My wife is not to happy about that but in this game you have to get used to all this sort of stuff.

Catch you next year