I got sick and tired of trying to get my message out to my community.This a example of what I put up with.

My column Rhonda will not publish.[ The Ruapehu Bulletin will not even publish my face,and I pay.]

The question must be asked why? This  is 700 words but is important enough to publish over 2 weeks. This gives Rate Payers an idea of the subjective information fed to Councillors from which we are expected to make decisions which effect all Rate Payers.

If we make a decision based on flawed information and it comes back to bite Rate Payers big time,they get pissed off. Same as investing in a company,bad decisions are made as a consequence of poor information to Directors,company goes broke,investor loses money. They are pissed off. In this case Carbon sinks is the issue and I believe it will destroy our community.

The Editor has an obligation to our Community to print articles such as this. Rhonda is new to the Ruapehu Press , is a sub editor with a new Editor based in Taupo. Recently two Horizons Representatives, the Chief Executive and the Chairman himself visited Rhonda.Fortunately I had been tipped off, so to speak, of the up and coming visit,did a bit of good old fashioned under cover work. Staked out the joint, and when they left I waltzed on in.

Well I got the idea I shocked Rhonda a bit. So here I am.We do not live in a democratic society.We need to come to terms with the fact that successive Governments have been slowly but surely taking us down a path to political instability.We are slowly but surely being re-engineered to accept a new minority ethnic political Master.Maoridom.

Over the coming months I hope to make you aware of how Governmental Ministries are achieving this.