On the morning 05/04, James Shaw was interviewed on the AM Show. Climate change .WE must all do our bit and more. Good start is to eat less meat!!!!. Really. A good start would be to get rid of the words CLIMATE CHANGE. History has told us that our climate was totally different to now in both extremes and no humans appeared to be responsible. These people are playing on the FEAR factor. And in particular young people minds. Just like Hitler told his German population pre WW II. “We may not be able to control your minds ,but we will control your childrens”. Seems to me that it is not climate change as his reason, but his green party and labours horrendous policy implementation Mana-o-te-Wai that will more than likely lead to alot less animals in NZ thus what red meat that will be available will be horrendously expensive. believe me. meat will not be the only food item that will balloon in value.

Today i was up Halcomb way and there in a paddock was a bill board with Ian McKelvie written on it, in blue stating “National will repeal 3 Waters”. Yes, well labour is being really dodgy pushing the legislation through and it would seem the nats are saying they are going to ignore the requirements of the legislation and repeal it any way even if they do not hold the 76% vote, thus being just as dodgy. Oh well these guys have all been really dodgy with every thing to do with consultation, the democratic process and the subjective interpretation of law, so why stop now.

4%. yep.  I no a electrical/telecommunications engineer. He travelled the world working on oil and gas production rigs. He tells me that the planet earth has moved 4% on its axis.  18- 22% My brain tells me that is the reason why NZ appears to be warmer longer in autumn early winter , and the Northern Hemisphere nations are freezing in Winter. Fact. Only happened in recent times. Not Global warming caused by humans. Or could it be that there are 2 many humans living on the top half of the planet? Any way this is my view as to the reason why the seasons appear to be moving north, and you cannot deniege that. Thus i can argue that our politicians have lied to us right from the start . Of course you can argue that politicians lye to us all the time about every thing. And maybe you could be right.. But some people would prefer to use the term .”Subjective Interpretation “.

I buy a few stocks on the share market. No, no NZ stocks. You would have to be mad to invest in NZ. All overseas stuff. Few years ago i bought penny stocks in American company’s. Last month i went back to our broker to buy more. Sorry Mike. Jacinda has stopped the bus. Why.? Like I mean the stocks I am interested in have real potential in todays political climate. Why would Labour stop its own people from profiting from such opportunities. Broker said .A $5 minimum cap. What will the cap be next year and the year after?.

I turn 65 in a couple of weeks. A friend said Mike register early. So i did. Started last month. On line. Got as far as my name and address before the on line bit stopped. Waited a couple of weeks and carried on. Got to bit where Social Development wanted my wifes income. She started filling in her bit. The One Line bit stopped again. So today i went down to the Social Development office and applied in person. The very nice lady at the door took my name and address ,plus proof of person and said she would be back in a mo. Back she came and said I had not completed my application. I said yes. Because your on line application process will not let me. Now being a suspicious person as a consequence of my exposure to all the BXXX SXXT I have seen going on in NZ . My idea is that Govt is deliberately delaying applications a week or weeks and saving its self mega bucks from not paying new super annuants. Am i right or wrong. But the moral of the story is . Go down to the shop and pick up the paper work..

There we have it Willy Jackson interviewed on the AM Show a week or so ago. Okey Guys. For get the One Man One Vote. Now it is Co Management and Co Governance. Just like that .The end of Democracy.

I see there is at least one court challenge to the 3 Waters legislation. Good luck guys. Murial Newman seems to be behind in the pack in her interpretations of what is going on . And I see that Ruapehu,s wayward Mayor is not standing again. i understand he spent alot of time in Wellington representing the District.? My view is he has done the dirty on the District and now “he” is bolting before the horse gets away. Had a real bad experience with this guy and the current then Mayor in the Maori Council. I wrote about it in this blog back then. You no the story. Have to find the pgs your self. Mr Cameron came to the District from the Wairarapa . Had a reputation as a environmental activist. Came up to Ruapehu, 2 yrs later got elected to the District Council. 3 years later was the mayor. How does that work. Says alot for the intelligence of the ratepayers. Although it appears the council did grow some balls recently and backed the NO camp to the 3 Waters legislation. This council here in Horowhenua has been silent on which camp it sat in.

Still alot of talk in the farming mags re Methane emissions at farm level. The odd drop kick still trying to convince farmers to plant up this paddock and that paddock. Off set your emissions . Good for water quality ?. Okey but you may off set emissions but will the cost of assessing the sequestration off set the $ return. Groundswells environmental consultant says most farmers will be disappointed. It seems farmers are  still allowing themselves to conned by very nice seemingly well intentioned people pushing a hidden agenda. See Farmers Weekly April 11th 2022. Rural News March 29th 2022. and Rural news Feb 1 2022.

Looks to me like this coming general elections next year Labour will be focusing  on Supermarkets, lack of competition between and the ballooning cost of food. I hope my readers will be awake to the burgeoning cost of saving the planet. Carbon. from $20 a T in recent times to in excess of $70 T recently. That cost flows right through the economy including food.  The cost of everything incurs a carbon tax. Transport of such said also suffers from a horrendous fuel tax, in excess of 50% and road user charges. 44c per km for the truck alone. Then there are the trailers.  Heating for homes. You think of it and there is tax on it. Plus “GST” Consider to the $ cost of the resource consent process to grow . All the “Helicopter” money that this present govt chucked around over lock downs. Billions$. All printed. Of course inflation will explode as goods are eagerly snapped up by a population with money to burn. 7 plus %. Interest rates have to move alot higher as the Reserve Bank seeks to control it. Australia. 3.4%.     Forget the war over Ukraine. That is not helping. The issue is deliberate Govt policy. The outcome. A huge Govt $ surplus. At our expense, that now Jacinda and Grant will throw back at the populous in the  form of benefits. Pretty much you pay now and we will give back later. Arn,t we great. That’s being kind.

Had trouble getting access to the blog site. tried a number of words , but found my self on Google.. The Ombudsmen Decision. You should read it. Pay attention to what I was seeking. Do not allow yourself be swayed into thinking I was anti Treaty Settlement. What was the Crowns opening position. That is the question. On page 2 then Councilor Murry Guy. Horizons Regional Council is talking alot of Bxxx Sxxt. It always amazed me how the media reported the worst ignoring sanity and promoting people such as Murry Guy. Any ways he got his come pence after I was voted out when the council had to publicly admit that the Discharges and Nutrient Limits were so draconian that the council needed to carry out a plan change. I did  not miss many meetings. You can be sure of that. The rep the Feds and Beef and Lamb promoted to take my place was not turning up to the Regional Council Meetings. Ask your self.

On a quick note to finish. my wife came across a post by Dame Anne Salmond. Distinguished Professor in Anthropology @ Auckland University. NZer of the yr in 2013. on face book some months ago. Her post .Time to stop planting Pine Trees.