Goood morning all. Going to be another hot one. Whilst up in Taumarunui  for xmas most mornings were perfect for sitting on the deck in the early morning sun sipping that first coffee. I was lamenting the fact that there was always a breeze wisping through making the moment unpleasant here at home. God must have heard me because the last 2 mornings have been perfect.

You will be wondering of the title. We get invited to the odd pre xmas party. At one i meet a chap who previously worked for Landcorp/Pamu here in the Manawatu. Thus the title hearsay. I am not one to write of hearsay but i can relate to what he had to say as being possible. He was talking of the reasons why he left. Had enough of the failure of the mythology of the operation. Organic, Regenerative. Maori way. Any way the dream was not working and the management were under such pressure from Wellington head office that nobody on farms was keen to make a decision? So you say. Well so to you. Last year on TV 1 or 3 James Shaw was being interviewed on Climate Change and Agriculture. The phrase “Regenerative Agriculture” was the theme of the interview, and that would one day be the new norm. By regulation? We have one of the largest fields of phosphate in the world sitting off shore on the East Coast of the North Is within our 200 mile boundary. The Environmental Protection Authority would not let the company mine it. Might disturb a few fish.

Coal. Phosphate. Wool. Meat and Vegetables. Logs shipped off shore ,then imported back as finished timber products. NZ should be a lot wealthier than we are now.

Too many people. Supposedly intelligent and i am sure they once were, that are playing plain dumb. They refuse to realise or to acknowledge the implications of their high and mighty stupidity and will one day be in for a rough and rude wakening to the new world. I am busy tossing the pros and conns around, in my mind, how to survive and maybe even prosper in the world of the Great Reset. Which incidentally is driven by the family’s of world who make up a lot less than 1% of the worlds population. Just dial up the top stocks on the share markets of the world. Dial up the company’s who own these shares/stocks. Dig deeper to find out who owns the company’s.

Social Credit. Will be the new method of control. Credits and debits. Too many debits and you starve. Kicked out of house that you do not own. Off the land you once owned but taken from you because you owed money or could not afford the rates. Credits and you get to keep the credit card.

All Hearsay???. I understand China uses this method. Plus is a exporter of human organs. Have i shocked you. All “Hearsay”. Or is it?

A Rough and Brutal start to the New Year.